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Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by BADOS, May 19, 2013.

  1. BADOS

    Hi Everyone, my name is Ken and have been a dog trainer for about 40 years. Also I have adopted dogs from shelters for at least that long and have 3 right now. I know pretty much most of the issues that come out of the pounds, though with some pets I'd need to evaluate in person before offering advice. I am a current trainer right now and also train dogs that are deaf or bind, instruct in all phases of obediance training, administer AKC Canine Good Citizen Tests (I'm an AKC Evaluator) and have other various degrees specializing in animal behavior. If you leave a question, give me time to get back to you as I tend to get real busy. I'll answer when I can. Ken

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  3. ted1

    I got my dog abbey from the shelter here in Houston and she is absolutely perfect. She has never went potty in the house she is super smart and the kids love her. We did not plan on getting a dog but one day we decided to go look out of boredom she was in the very last kennel we looked in it was like she was meant to come home with us.

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  4. good to know.

    I have an almost 3 year old rottweiler who is probably the sweetest boy my two mailmen have ever met. He is house trained, lets you know he needs to go outside. He walks very well on a leash, i use a Holt mouth collar because he tends to pull (not anymore). I walk him everyday for about a half hour when i get home from work. I take him to the dog park once a week(on my day off) and he gets at least 2-2 1/2 hrs of playtime. I also take him out on hikes(leashed) maybe twice a month. He listens when i tell him sit, down, stay, come, stop, leave it, drop i, lets go. I do not have a fenced yard so i tie him up out on the back porch so he can do his business, lookout for cats, rabbits, and squirrels, or just get some fresh air. The only issue i have is that if he gets off leash for any reason, he bolts off knowing he is free. I'll call him and tell him to stop, he'll look right at me, and as soon as i tell him to sit, he runs away. Then its a game of catch me if you can. I'm scared he will run in front of a moving car. I'm scared he'll run out into a neighbors yard and if they see a huge rottweiler coming at them, they might hurt him in fear. I don't know where to start on getting him to listen to me when he's outside, off his leash. Any pointers would help.
  5. BADOS

    Congratulations on being a "HERO!" You and your family should feel really good about saving a poor soul that needed to be loved and have a real family.
  6. BADOS

    Hi Craz_i, You are right when you say he considers it a game. He may come to you inside, but not out because dogs don't generalize. "Come when called" needs to be taught in different places to refine it. Here's how I would do it:
    Take a 6' leash (no retractable), start at one side of room inside house, show dog treats, which is called a lure. Take your hand and swing it into your chest and say dog's name and "COME." Run backwards showing excitement by saying a loud high voice dog's name and "HURRY "FIDO", HURRY, HURRY, HURRY and repeat till you get to the other side. Then have him sit, praise him, then give more than one treat (jackpot). Keep repeating this back and forth many times. (ONLY SAY THE COMMAND "COME" ONCE, OR IT WILL BECOME IRRELIVENT AND IT WON'T MEAN ANYTHING TO HIM). Sometimes it takes dogs 100 repetitions before they get it. Patients, supervision and consistantcy will help set him up for success and not failure. Inside, when he is coming to you each time consistantly, start to drop the leash and watch him follow you back. Now it's time to go outside. Buy a 20' leash (sold at PetSmart) and start working. DO NOT DROP THE LEASH OUTSIDE. I prefer not to take the chance of dogs being loose. Remember, each time you do this, make sure he gets treats he loves...AND NEVER STOP GIVING HIM TREATS FOR HIM COMING TO YOU...OR ONE DAY HE MAY SAY, "SCREW IT, HE'S NOT GIVING ME ANY MORE TREATS AND ME RUNNING AWAY IS MORE FUN"!!!!! For best results, use chicken or meat cooked with NO SPICES for treats. GOOD LUCK!
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  7. thank you for the reply. just a few questions on specifics.
    I already have a 6' non retractable leash. as for the 20', i have a retractable, is that okay, or should i purchase 20' non retractable?
    Which hand am i swinging to chest?(leashed hand/lure hand)
  8. BADOS

    Purchase 20' straight lease. You tend to loose control with retractable.
    Swing to your chest the lure hand. Make sure he see's treat.
  9. thank you, i will be buying the leash tonight, and start the training tomorrow.
  10. another question. as i stated in my first post, i use a Holt gentle leader when i walk him because of the pulling. and he knows when we are going for a walk because i always put that on him. should i practice with or without the gentle leader?
  11. BADOS

    Actually, I dislike the Gentile Leader for a lot of reasons. I would prefer you use an "Easy Walk" harness for walking problems...and yes use it when ever you walk of train. Otherwise you remove it.
  12. Rescued the last 2 pitties we've had and they are excellent dogs. I had a lady drive by and stop and asked who trained our dog and I said - you are looking at him. We worked with both of them consistently but it helps to already have an obedient hound. I use a retractable leash but don't have a pulling problem.
  13. BADOS

    anyone who rescues dogs and gives them a good home and a lot of love and maintains their health is a ... Hero!
  14. Kumowarrior

    Kumowarrior NRA Life Member


    Thank you ..... do you have advice for bringing a service dog to a gun range? .... The challenge is that service dogs need (thankfully) to be with their human 24/7 which is the way I need it by the way, but I also would like to go to a gun range... do you have any ideas or suggestions? Also, if there is a way to safely bring the service dog to the range, do you have a suggestion as to how to teach the dog that there is no threat level to me if the dog is behind a closed door and muzzle blasts occur? In other words, how do you educate the dog that he need not break the door down to get to me? Ahhh, yes he can do that.

    Thanks so much
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  15. BADOS

    You would need to take an Advanced Obedience Class with extra loud distractions added. Perhaps a special class by a trainer modified toward loud distractions and gun shots, similar to what is offered at the begining of ****zund training. The problem here is obviously if he is a service dog and is trained to look out for you, you may do harm to his training by separating him in another room away from you when he is supposed to be doing his job. Perhaps a trainer could teach him that when a certain collar is put on him, he would know he is working, and when taken off, he is to relax and be off duty. This is similar to guard dog training. The Advanced training would teach him separation is ok.
  16. Kumowarrior

    Kumowarrior NRA Life Member

    Thank you for your advice.. this is an issue that I will have to spend some time on as I am concerned not only with his training but with his hearing... someone on the board mentioned mutt-muffs and that is certainly something I will check out. The other option may be to go to an outdoor range with mutt-muffs on and make sure the dog knows to stand-down. But he would be in eyesight of me.

    thanks again.


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