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  1. I currently have only one .40 cal pistol and it is a S&W by all standards. I don't really care for this pistol much so I want to get a different .40. The reason, I can get free ammo on occasion. It would most likely be more of a range gun.

    I do not want a GLOCK, i have a G19 and love it.

    I was thinking either a Highpower which I have in 9mm or a Springfield EMP but I have been hearing some rather negative information in regards to extractors and difficultly feeding hollow points. For a $1000 pistol I don't really want to worry about it nor send it back multiple times to get it running correctly.

    So, is there anything else I should consider in .40 cal?

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  2. Sig sp 2022.........:wavey:

  3. Oh HECK yes!

    The Springfield Armory XD.

    It is what Glock wishes they could make. It has no history of failure. It has a significantly better (granted that IS subjective) trigger, is extraordinarily reliable, is reasonably priced, and last but not least; a very long service life. :wavey:
  4. SIG SP2022, SIG P226, or SIG P229.
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  5. cz75B IN 40 S&W. Feels great in hand and shoots like a dream.
  6. Maybe a Smith 4006 if you like an all steel pistol and sometimes they can be bargains.
    If you prefer a new gun, maybe an M&P or possibly the all stainless P226 or P229 if weight and price are not an issue and life of the pistol is.
  7. In 40 the SIG 229 is the way to go. I would also consider a HK USP full size in 40. Bill
  8. I wouldn't get a 40S&W Hi-Power.

    That pistol is meant to be 9mm, in my opinion.
  9. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Glock4Life

  10. Try out a HK P2000. Right now, its the only .40 S&W I own. I'm not crazy about the caliber but the P2000 has been my favorite pistol chambered for the caliber. It is about the same size as a G19/G23. That makes it ideal for just about any purpose whether its range time or CCW.
  11. I have a Beretta PX4 in 40s&w that I love.
  12. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Glock4Life

    That's another great option.
  13. G31

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    The best .40 I've fired is my SIG P229. Recoil is very low, compared to other guns. There are a lot of .40s I have not fired, but I have had a decent sampling over the years. The P229 is great at taming the .40 (it was made for it).
  14. M&P Shooter

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    SA XD
  15. glock2740

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  16. Another vote for p229

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  17. Fixed your post for you, bac... :whistling:
  18. NEOH212

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    Sig or HK.

  19. Completely agreed.
  20. Sig Shoots .40 very nice. I would go with a P229

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