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Nebraska deer opener!

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by 357glocker, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. 357glocker


    Oct 28, 2002
    Went out this today for the opening of the Nebraska firearms deer season. I took out my new 325WSM A-Bolt and did very well. A little past shooting time I spotted a doe walking out in a grassy pasture. I put the crosshairs on her and after the recoil all I noticed was a puff of what looked like dust from hitting the dirt and no deer in sight. I thought there was no way I could have missed at 100-125yrds. I walked to where she was standing at the shot and there she was. She was a bang-flop before I could get my eyes to where she was. I went back to hunting and about an hour later I saw another doe wondering right towards me. Slid the safety off and sent another round into a deer. Dropped on the spot! I got done field dressing her and started dragging her out when I heard a snort. I looked up and there was a huge buck, I couldn't count the rack but it looked like something Bass Pro or Cabelas would hang in thier store! Good new for him, my rifle was not with me! He will face the wrath of the 325 next season! My buddy shot one a little later so I helped him drag it out and we went to another spot to try to finish our tags. I was sitting for maybe 10 minutes when a fork buck walked by. I let him pass. About an hour or so goes by and I see some deer walking towards me. Two does, one buck. I let the does walk by so when I shoot the buck my buddy or my brother might have a shot at them. I make a little whistle and the buck stops and turns towards me. It was a quarting almost straight facing shot. It hit high on the shoulder, went through the ribs, heart, liver and lodged on the opposite side. All together it penetrated I'm estimating 24" of deer. I recovered the bullet and weighed it tonight, 126grn out of 185. Anyway 3 nice deer with my new rifle. Here's a pic of the buck, not a monster rack but I'm sure he's close to 180lbs field dressed.
  2. {Good new for him, my rifle was not with me! He will face the wrath of the 325 next season}


    Nice photo and a nice set of racks. Good job ;)

  3. And you were worried about penetration? Heck I don't know whats worst the 7mag or .325 the deer hate em though thats for sure. Good hunt with ya. Talk at you soon. Esox357.
  4. 357glocker


    Oct 28, 2002
    Good luck to you today Esox! I really need to take one with the contender now. I should of popped that second doe with it.....I'm glad I got my tags filled, but it kind of sucks my season is over already. I may get a muzzle loader tag and give that big boy another crack!
  5. Poppa Bear

    Poppa Bear Protective G'pa CLM

    My season ended yesterday also.

    Alarm clock reset itself, probably operator error, so I over slept by an hour. Knowing I would not get there in time for sunrise I drove into another area. The guys around me start driving about 9:00 AM so I figured I would post myself by the stock pond in the SE pasture. While walking in I saw movement off to my left front about 200 yards out. This area is all CRP with 2 to 4 feet of grass cover and small groves of trees. (I was going to push this in the late morning) I spotted 2 does standing up, about 30 seconds later a 5 by 5 buck stood up next to them. Steadied my 7 Mag on a fence post and touched off the shot just as he started to move. Put a groove in the top of his skull and dropped him in his tracks.

    Zero wasted meat and he had a hanging weight of 181 lbs so I figure around 225 to 235 as his live weight.

    The shot was lucky and my choice of guns was lucky, I usually have the 7 Mag, the 30-30 Marlin and the 41 Mag Marlin in my truck. The 41 is at Marlin getting the action reworked so that one was out and I decided I would walk back and get the 30-30 when I pushed the CRP rather than carry it as the primary while posting by the stock pond. Even with the LeveRevolution ammo that would have been a long shot to take with open sights.