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Near bit by Caiman .Watch out!

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by noway, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. This time of the year is know for snake seasons due to the birth of alot of snakes and such. Somebody frogot to tell me that it is also alligator season and to be more specific croccidle season too.

    Last evening I was trying to retrieve a stuck lure in the over brush on the side of a small canal in a very remote area and I had the surprise of my life. Mr Caiman ( a smaller croc ) was waiting at the banks edge. He snapped at the wood board that I was standing on in the water. Luckly his target acquistion was pretty poor and he missed me by a 1ft or 2.

    The whole thing happen in like 2secs or less and I never seen the damm thing laying in the water. I actually thought it was a piece of trash or garbage, caught up by the board. I'm use to seeing alligators and not 2-3ft long crocs that about as camo as they get.

    btw: Those that don't know, the american gators are very worried of humans and the caiman a smaller sub species of the croc is not and like the Nile crocs are alittle bit more agressive and less submissive. They are only can grow 2-3ft (IIRC) max in length and normally attacks smaller gators and fish and smaller 2-4 legged birds/animals that feed at the water edge.

    So keep you're eyes open. ;g
  2. tree house

    tree house

    Jan 17, 2004
    i caught a small gator on a topwater rapala minnow while bass fishing in a small canal in tampa. scared the crap out of me. came right up and took it off the surface. got hooked on the tail treble hook so i actually managed to reel this thing in to shore without breaking the line.

    he was about 3' feet long and mean as a snake. I cut the line after dragging him up on shore and he just stood there hissing at me before sauntering off.

  3. That's a good one. I'm really surprise he didn't break youre line.

    One time I was doing some stupid thing ( teasing a gator ) and I happen to be fishing throwing my line all around in front of his nose and behind him etc....

    And I hooked a stupid bluegill, the gator snapped at the bluegill and stoled my fish and snap my line, granted it was only 8lb test. :(

    After that, I stopped being an A-hole to gators and started showing respect to these dinosaur era creatures.

    The state of FL is also cracking down of people "harrassing" gators and feeding them. My last trip down alligator alley I saw the FWS official out at a few ramps giving warning and dumb yahoo ignored the warning & continue to feed the gator and on the FWS officer second past he wrote the guy up.
  4. Dogbite

    Dogbite DNT TREAD ON ME

    May 20, 2000
    My dad and i were fishing at a place in Florida--fox lake park.We were standing on the bank,then dad says--wow!! about 5 feet away in the water,a good sized gator was gliding toward him..We packed up- and took off--nothing stopping them from just coming up on the bank with us.2nd story--buddy of mine caught a muskrat while fishing in the swamp about 5 min from our houses.He said it was going crazy--wrapped in the line--finally he got it untangled and it hit the rd.3rd story--i was fishing going down a slow river,guy on the bank starts going crazy thrashing his rod--whats the matter? i said--caught a snake!!! he was beating that rd on the ground like a mad man--heheh