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Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by ESAFO, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. just checking to see where all our ne ohio memebrs are at, lets hear from you & where your from.
    i'm in hubbard it's the last exit off I-80 before you get to the pa line. :wavey:

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  3. Hello! :)

    I'm where my "Location" says I am. :)

  4. ESAFO,

    It seems most all NE Ohio members have gone off the grid.:dunno:

    I live just a stone's throw from Kent State U.
  5. well hopefully we'll hear from more members in our area, it's always good to hear from local people.
  6. I'm here. From Cleveland. Second annual shoot being planned?
  7. Medina here
  8. I'm the other direction!!
  9. JPinOhio

    Millennium Member

    South of Cleveland, north of Akron.
  10. I'm over by islander1 lol
  11. Alliance OH

    have not been on GT in awhile.
    winters here so i have more time.
  12. Well use to live in Westlake but uncle sam decided it was time to move me. Wish I could make it back for the next gtg.

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  13. Be safe out there...
  14. Akron/Canton area here. By the airport. Looking forward to another get together.
  15. NEOH212

    NEOH212 Diesel Girl

    I'm about 4 miles outside of Lisbon on Route 30.

  16. 2-8 Marine

    2-8 Marine Limp Member

    Lorain County reporting . . .
  17. MdB


  18. Reporting in from Phoenix. Born in Cleveland, raised in Mansfield. I'll be a Buckeye no matter where life takes me.
  19. keep all the posts coming it's good to hear from local members.

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