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Navy Diver? Anyone? Looking for info

Discussion in 'US Navy Forum' started by bwphoto, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. bwphoto

    bwphoto Lifetime Member

    Jan 28, 2006
    Wondering if they do anything other than repair ship hulls all day. I'm looking to get into the military and was considering the Marines or Navy Diving. I want a challenge but I love the ocean - just trying to decide. Pretty sure I'll 100% love and 100% hate the Marines but I love diving - just don't want to get bored.

  2. chuckman


    Nov 9, 2006
    Durham, NC
    Are you a fish? Are you extremely comfortable in the water? Can you run 4 or 5 miles OK? Do you want to be a combat diver (i.e., SEAL, MARSOC/Recon), EOD, or hard-hat diver? Marines have combat divers. Hard-hat is Navy. The Navy has website,, that explains all of the levels of divers and what they do. Try posting over at SOCNET, too, as they have Marines (i.e., combat) divers, EOD, and SEAL. They could answer specific questions.

  3. bwphoto

    bwphoto Lifetime Member

    Jan 28, 2006
    Great info, thank you. Yes, more at home in the water than on land. I can definitely run. I don't know what type of diver I'd like to be - I'll dig around the site you recommended for more info.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2008
  4. FM12

    FM12 I need AMMO!

    Jun 17, 2007
    Volunteer for submarine duty. Stay down for LONG periods of tie. Each sub has it's own diver or two.
  5. I was deep-sea, mixed gas awhile ago. If you're looking at SEALs, EOD then your thinking more along the lines of a combat swimmer.

    When I was actively diving, we did salvage (acft, boats and body jobs), cutting, welding, explosives and mixed gas for deep submarine rescue. There were some more mundane jobs like hull inspections, patch install/removal and screw changes, but, overall, I liked the job, liked the people.
  6. Atomic Punk

    Atomic Punk

    Mar 11, 2008
    hope you like math and have a good memory. got a copy of the latest navy dive manual, all 5 or 6 pounds of it. lots of good info in it, very cool stuff. not in the navy myself, in school for commercial diving but we use the same manual. think about what your interested in doing in the water.