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Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by TScottW99, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. TScottW99

    TScottW99 NRA Life Member

    Pulled the card from a Spypoint IR-6 today that had been soaking for two weeks. Was happy to finally see antler pics and daylight pics. This is the same tree I had another brand camera on that would white out all day light pics.





  2. bassman-dan

    bassman-dan NRA Lifer

    I find it interesting that they are showing up in the morning, at midday, and in the evening.
    Looks like you're going to have to stick it out if they don't show up in the morning. I'll try not to feel too sorry for lucky stiff.

  3. TScottW99

    TScottW99 NRA Life Member

    LOL, thanks :supergrin:

    Pretty sure they are there because of the acorns dropping. This area has not had mast in several years and right now the trees are loaded down with red oak, white oak & chestnut oak.

    I had a camera out the two months prior to this set and got very few day light pics. The daytime movement really kicked off with the acorns.
  4. bustedknee

    bustedknee Curmudgeon

    You pegged it. Acorns.

    We had deer in our yard, (apples, peaches, pears, clover) every day, at all times. Some nice bucks too.... until the acorns started falling. Now the deer are scattered all over the mountains.

    There are acorns everywhere. This will affect the early seasons.

    I'm putting the finishing touches on my box-blind which will come in handy when it get cold and blustery. I'm building it now while I'm able, for when I'm too old to climb the mountain anymore.
  5. TScottW99

    TScottW99 NRA Life Member

    Well you really understand since you are in Wythe and these pics came from Bland :supergrin: I have not seen mast like this in years. Turkeys and bears are tearing the mountain up!

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