National Firearms Museum & Arlington

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  1. I had a day off this week and decided to finally get around to going to Fairfax. I don't know why I waited so long. It was well worth a three and a half hour drive. The National Firearms Museum is something everyone should see. Being my first visit I found the NRA headquarters to be very impressive as well as the museum.

    With the sixty - fifth anniversary of D - Day this weekend, I also drove over to Arlington and visited the Marine Corps Monument and the National Cemetery. If these two places don't make you appreciate being an American and the price paid by others to make and keep you free, perhaps you should pack a bag and head elsewhere. You're taking up space in the wrong country.

    Thank you, all who serve.


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  2. Only 1 picture? What a gyp...:wavey:

  3. I guess I could've posted my picture of the Quigley rifle from the museum display!
  4. :honkie:
  5. Yeah, post the Quigley display picture and see how many people can pick it out.
  6. MavsX

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    good work my man. the cemetery is awesome. i really enjoy going there. Granted it is sad, but it makes you appreciate those that have served. Good thread!

    god bless the USA!
  7. Awesome post! Iwo Jima is my favorite memorial, hands down.

    Back when I was living in DC and commuting south, I'd pass the Pentagon on my way out. One foggy, misty early winter morning, I noticed a casket being escorted by an honor guard through the cemetary near the high way. With the weather as it was, it looked as if they were ghosts. The solemnity of the honor guard was so impresive. I get choked up just thinking about it.
  8. Now you have to come back and visit the new Marine Corps museum just off of 95 near Quantico.
  9. I've been taking my son minimum once a month but at least 2 times a month to the NRA museum- we never get tired and find something new and interesting every time. Since seeing Public Enemies, we're looking at the Tommy Guns, 45's and revolvers. What a great place to live!

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