N-PAP, O-PAP, Vz-2008/58?

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by CJStudent, Feb 3, 2014.

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    So I'm debating on possible picking up a new rifle with my tax refund, and looking at those three as options. What is the difference between the N-PAP and O-PAP? And while I realize the Vz-58 isn't an AK, which of those three would you all choose, and why?

    N-PAP is running $600, O-PAP is $550, and the Vz-2008 is running $500 in a package with 5 mags, mag pouch, sling, and bayonet.

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  3. O-pap before they are gone....

    Edit: Opap cuz it is the closest thing to an M70 and Factory made HF barrel, nuff said.

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  4. No comment on the AKs; but I love my VZ2008.
  5. G23c

    In this order, VZ-2008 because its milled, light and just a cool rifle; then O-PAP, thicker receiver and built like a tank. I have both (and I'm looking at N-PAP folder now).

    load up on the VZ mags though, standard AK no go. have fun!
  6. I think the V58 is made from a parts kit and has an American barrel. The opap and Npap are Zastava factory made then CIA hogs out the mag well and adds the us parts for 922r compliance.
  7. I have a Czechpoint VZ58("fancy", think Arsenal) and I would recommend getting the VZ. The ergos on the gun are simply better. It also weighs less but not just that, the weight balance is much better. AKs feel front heavy while the VZ doesn't. It's not hard to find mags online and it already comes with 5.
  8. I've been down this road.

    The VZ2008 that comes with 5 mags is not a Czechpoint, but a CAI.

    The VZ guns are VERY hard to optic: if you are over 40, consider your eyesight and cheek weld after the optic. No side mount options like on an AK. Also not easy to accessorize (muzzle devices, stocks, handguards, rails, flashlights, sights, sling mounts).

    Yes, VZ are unique and cooler, lighter, milled, but parts are harder to find as well as resources to work on them, and much more expensive...so how exclusive do you want to be?
  9. CJStudent

    CJStudent Fenced In

    Thanks for all the responses, guys!

    Unfortunately, my tax refund had to go for not-so-fun things, like replacing a computer that had the motherboard die. Oh well, maybe after my Annual Training with the ARNG, if I have enough paid military leave left to double-dip most of it, I can get something.
  10. Most Yugos are Century, and NOT chrome lined barrel. Something to consider.

    The VZ is chrome lined barrel; non-century ones are $$$, like an Arsenal.

    Czechpoint just recently had military style VZ58 in stock.
  11. If the barrel and receiver are both American made (Vz-2008), no thanks. Go with the one that is built in a military factory. I don't like overbuilt Ak's like Yugos and Chicoms but when comparing to an American made rifle, go Commie built every time.
  12. AKs really do not interest me.

    But I love my VZ2008 for most of the above-stated reasons.

    As of this writing I am having a new, hopefully more rigid, front rail system (Bonesteel) installed on it to see if that will go back to zero better than the Israeli-made one did with my Aimpoint T-1.

    I should be able to get back with a range report on the combo over the next month or so.
  13. OK, I just signed up in the VZ group. My New Czechpoint VZ58 came last week. Compared to my Arsenal, Vepr, Saiga, weapons, this thing is BombDigity.

    It's like the M1 Carbine: lightweight, fine and sleek, but still shoots 7.62x39. I just have to figure out how to optic it.

  14. For somebody new to AKs, what are the differences between the N-PAP and O-PAP? And why is one preferred over the other. Being able to get ammo for $230 a thousand is starting to intrigue me. :supergrin:

    To say nothing of not worrying about picking up brass!
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  15. N-pap has 1mm non-bulged receiver and is a little lighter. I would say that its actually a bit better than the O-pap because of the weight savings and its still available at a reasonable price.

    That being said, the O-pap is about as close as one can get to an M70 minus the gas block, night sights and trigger group.

    They're both Zastava built weapons and both will likely be excellent shooters.

  16. This video pretty much explains the differences:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWSWHdhFAdM"]Zastava N-PAP vs O-PAP - M70 AK Comparison - YouTube[/ame]

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