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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by kma1005, May 27, 2010.

  1. kma1005


    Mar 14, 2007
    Ok,, I've done google search after google search, and I find just as many "people" saying it's a scam as people saying those people are just whiney kids they want everything handed to them.

    I went about a year ago to a little admissions presentation and it sounded great. Everything they said seemed pretty logical, especially to someone that doesn't know jack about the IT field. I mean I know computers pretty good, for someone with no formal training on them, but not the IT field.

    My biggest problem in researching this company is that all the blogs and stuff I can find, anyone can just sign up and post what they want, so if I'm a PR person for them I'm going to do a google search, see a bad rep and then post my own good rep to back up the school.

    So I figured I'd post on the reputable GT site :whistling: and see what kind of responses I get. I've seen quite a few folks saying they work in the IT field so hopefully they'll have some more input and a post count that can convince me this post wasn't found after a google search and an account created by some PR person working for MyCC.

    In my research I've found that all the certs are actual certs, I've seen no one complain about actually earning the certs, just the problem of finding a job afterwards with the certs they recieve. There are no complaints on the BBB website. However its been said that the owner of MyCC had a previous company under a different name that went under. Haven't been able to find that company name. Then again I'm not much of a googler.

    The part that is the scariest is the price tag, $15,000 for the 3 month course with 4 certs and like $25,000 for the 6 month course. They've added a 3rd program with 2 more certs and they've added an additional cert to each of the other programs since I went to the admissions presentation. So the cost/time may have gone up.

    They provide a guarantee that you can take the cert tests until you pass (allegedly each taking of these tests costs upwards of $200 if you do on your own), they give you a computer, the books, and the equipment to get the certs and understand what your doing.

    So any opinions from the experts on GT?
  2. FWIW, I've been working the past year on starting and growing my own business teaching people how to use their computers & technology, but we've also picked up some significant business clients too.

    Not ONCE have I been asked if I'm certified.

  3. Patrick Graham

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    Sep 7, 2001
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    There are a lot of things on the OP's post I don't understand. I haven't taken any MS Cert tests since 2000 but back then the tests were only $100 each at the IU campuses.

    With all the training for the certs floating around the Internet for free why would anyone pay up to $25,000 for that?
  4. mitchshrader

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    Jun 14, 2005
    It's what they charge, not the certs, that makes it an unconscionable rip off.

    Back in the dot boom days, folks paid huge for 'instant' certs, high intensity workshops.

    Now that's pointless, 80,000$ entry level jobs aren't crying for certified network techs or security techs.. so get your certs online, at lowball prices (or free).

    Mostly it involves being a very good test-taker, and not much to do with OJT. Geeks get certs mostly for the brag factor, and to maintain employability, not because it actually helps do the job.

    Bosses aren't nearly as impressed with your work lacking those half dozen diploma looking things on the wall. PAYING for them is ridiculous whenever alternatives exist.
  5. kma1005


    Mar 14, 2007
    That's what the guy told us, like I said I don't know much about the IT field.
  6. Linux3


    Dec 31, 2008
    What employers want is experience not certs.
    I know, I know it's hard to get that experience but spending big bucks for MyCC..... No.
    I question their Cisco certs as I'm a CCNA / CCNA Security and it requires experience in the field not just a test.

    Just looked at Cisco's training site and they don't know about

    I would try night school / Community College classes and try to network with other students and instructors.
  7. I've been doing the geek job professionally (at one level or another) for 15 years.

    EVERYTHING in the quoted post is entirely accurate and should be written down and referenced frequently by anyone who intends to enter the field.

    Entry level jobs don't expect certs though, they can "edge" you. I still wouldn't pay for them. "Good" IT gigs (higher up the food chain) will like that you took the initiative to get certs while you were working but, by then you should have a portfolio and the contacts to make that not matter much either. I don't have a degree or a cert to my name (because I'm lazy as heck when it comes to that stuff) and have been keeping plenty of steaks in the fridge for a long time now. I started at the bottom and worked hard to get the cushy admin gig over a few years based solely on my accomplishments and experience.
  8. JohnBT

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    Feb 24, 2000
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    "the price tag, $15,000 for the 3 month course with 4 certs and like $25,000 for the 6 month course."

    I am a professional career counselor with 35 years of experience. For that kind of money I'd be looking at college and a real degree of some sort. Or at least some classes.

    Tomorrow's topic: Truck driving school costs how much? They promise you a job too. :rofl:

    I suppose children these days have been deprived of the education that came on so many books of matches. With smoking on the outs they just don't learn the similarity between matchbooks and some private training schools.

  9. If you know "jack" about the field what is it that interests you about entering the field?

    Define "pretty good".

    My opinion is that if you want into the field cause you think you will be rich someday ... :rofl: It might happen. Probably not. If you don't like people then I'd recommend avoiding the field unless you want to sit at a desk and write or test code all day with no human contact.
  10. I second or third your local community college for the real deal and no scam.
  11. lominator


    Dec 18, 2012
    I am an ex teacher, trust me it is a scam. It is only good if your not able to do anything on your own. It is good to have a cert, but not neccessary. It is more important to have experience, than maybe get a degree. To pay that much money for that too is way too much. Go get the books and use the internet. You can go purchase and down load practice exams for 200.00, alot cheaper than what they are charging. It is up too you if you cannot do it on your own than this is for you.

    that is my 2 cents....
  12. sanctified09


    So I'm trying to do my research on Mycomputercareer before i sign my soul away. I've been wanting to get my hands into computer digging. What are good pointers to note about getting started on your own? As well as possibly doing certs either on my own or through this school?
  13. ss30378


    Mar 14, 2012
    What do you want to do in the computer field? Code? Networking? DBA? Web Design? There are many different things you can get into in the tech field. Certs are relatively easy to get without a formal training. You can go to sites like udacity and learn a lot for free as well. I work as a govt contractor in cybersecurity and we require a techinical degree plus certain certifications and other things like clearances. It really depends on what you want to do in the computer field before deciding on what to do next.