My XDs is on it's way back!

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by DaBurna, Oct 21, 2013.

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    I talked with the Springfield rep that was at my LGS today. He said that they were totally not prepared to receive so many returns the first week. Nor was FedEx. He said that there are trailer loads of boxes with returned guns sitting in them at Springfield. He would not say how many trailers only that it was "semi trailers" as in plural.

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  2. That's not the kind of news I was wanting to hear. I sent mine in the day after the recall. It's still just listed as received. Sigh. Maybe they should send us two magazines if this goes on much longer.

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  3. I FINALLY got the "fixed" status.

    So far...

    9/3 received at SA.

    9/6 logged in at SA.

    10/26 fixed status

    Shipped ??

    I'm guessing (and hoping) I'll get a tracking number in my e-mail and status changed to shipped as early as Monday. Can't wait to get it back, clean it up and go get my money back to put towards something else! :whistling:
  4. Mine was received at Springfield on 9/4, and I got it back Friday 10/25. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. Bought it used and had not even fired it when I sent it in for the recall.

    Look forward to finally getting a chance to shoot it. Maybe this week!
  5. Still waiting to hear about my XDS9.
  6. Went to the range today, and put 100 rounds of Champion 115 grain through it. Not a single issue. Trigger had a longer take-up than I remember, but seemed smooth and broke clean. I'm happy.
  7. I posed this question in the other thread but didn't get a response. I leave for my honeymoon Saturday and will be gone for 11 days. A friend is staying at the house and he works during the day so he probably won't be here to sign for it. I assume he can sign for it if hes here when it shows up but if not, willl FedEx let him pick it up for me? Will FedEx hold it for me until I return and then I can just pick it up?

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  8. If he's home, he can sign for it. If he's not, Fedex will attempt three separate deliveries, and then hold it for a limited time at their hub. They will not let him sign for it there, but you can.

    When you receive notification that it has shipped to you, there is a link to change delivery. You can send it somewhere else if needed.
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    FedEx usually attempts residential deliveries in the early evening, but you should definitely contact them once you get your notification. If they can't delivery it on 3 attempts, it goes to the hub. I'm not sure how long they hold it until they ship it back to springfield. But call them as soon as you get the delivery notification and maybe they can work something out.
  10. Thanks fellas! No worries at all! Just got tracking and its slated for Wednesday so I can just pick it up Thursday if I miss them. I am also off early Wednesday so with any luck I'll be here to receive it.

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  11. Just got home from out of town and found out mines on the way home. No delivery date yet. It was just shipped a couple hours ago. I'd guess Thursday or Friday?
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    When did SA receive it?

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  13. Congrats!
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    My status just changed to "fixed." How much time passes before the status change takes effect until you get the shipping notice?
  15. My 9 just changed to fixed. Should be home next Mon.
  16. Just got mine! I still don't like the trigger compared to my xdm but its not bad I guess. Its no worse than the g26 my buddy was showing me last night though. I also got a free extended mag with mine. Anyone else?

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    If I may ask -

    When did your status change to FIXED and when did you get the shipping notice?

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  18. I don't know. I just got the email that it was shipped. If I go to the recall site would it tell me when it was fixed?

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  19. September 3rd. Also found out tomorrows the delivery day. Oh joy. I hope.
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    Ok, today it says "your gun has been sent back to you."

    Any idea when I can expect the shipping notification and subsequent delivery?

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