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  1. The Glock lockup isn't like a 1911. The slide to frame fit doesn't have much of anything to do with accuracy. In a Glock, the barrel locks up into the slide and the sights are on the slide. Try moving the muzzle around, on the Glock and mine don't move. The chamber hood locks up into the ejection port and the locking block forces the rear, of the barrel, up. The muzzle is being cammed downward against the slide muzzle port. You can get a small bit of downward movement, of the chamber hood when you push down, but there's nothing to make it move, when firing.

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  2. Pasky2112,

    I fired 36 rounds from it yesterday and it was great. I cleaned the bore out well before I fired my first shot. There was very little copper fouling and the barrel was easy to clean. Most of what I was concerned with was feeding, ejection, and the appearance of the fired cases. I'll go to the range a few times and fire a hundred more rounds through it before I start working on learning the accuracy. After the barrel gets broken in I believe it becomes a better shooter. Time will tell. This is for CCW and I have confidence that it will suitable for CCW.


  3. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    Good thread. Great posts. I've got a Lone Wolf threaded 4.6'' barrel for my G21SF to shoot .45 Super with. Haven't fired it yet.
    Do they have a good reputation for accuracy, reliability and durability too? Or I should I start thinking about a KKM barrel?
  4. RayB

    RayB Retired Member


    I've got a LWD ("blind-marked") SS Barrel in my 3rd Gen G26 and it works flawlessly, and from all I can tell, it's every bit as accurate as the OEM barrel is within 50-feet.

    I could feel the tighter tolerances racking the slide as I broke the barrel in, but that got easier very quickly, with no reliability issues. At 1,000 + trouble-free rounds fired, using various ammo, including my EDC ammo, I'll sign off on it.

  5. Roger G23,

    Accuracy: Many people will tell you that the aftermarket barrels can tighten your groups up, others dispute this.

    Reliably: If it feeds, fires, and extracts then it's reliable. I have had no issues with the stock barrel, the 400 or so rounds down my LW barrel, or the 36 rounds I have fired in the very new KKM barrel.

    Durability: A lot of stock and aftermarket barrels have 30-40-and 50,00 rounds down them and are still firing with very reasonable accuracy. I have >30,000 rounds down my G21 that I purchased in 2000 and I'm thinking about a new barrel for that but I can still use it for CCW with total confidence it will go where I want it to.

    When I get my G20 KKM barrel fully broken in I will settle down and check the (my) accuracy with the KKM. I'm happy with the way the cases come out, without a smiley face bulge, and suitable fore reloading. I have not fired a single round with the stock barrel and I don't plan to because I want to reload the brass.

    Hopefully some good folks on this forum who have more experience with aftermarket barrels will provide some guidance. I only have 2 aftermarket barrels, both different lengths for different purposes, and one is too new to evaluate.

    Good luck finding your answer.

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  6. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    But a lot of us need these aftermarket barrels for their chamber support and ability to shoot hard cast lead bullets for purposes of hunting large game.
    In the event of a wild boar or bear attack, we will need our pistols to defend our lives!
  7. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    Has anyone ever fired .40 Super?
    Really interesting and potent round.
    We all pretty much agree that Underwood Ammo makes the best factory hot rounds.
    Turns out the .40 Super surpasses the ballistics of the venerable 10mm in terms of both velocity and muzzle energy.
    (I'm looking at the hard cast offerings. The type round you'd use for hunting wild boar or bear protection)
    Look under "pistol ammo" for stats:
  8. The 40 super is offered as a complete cartridge by few manufactures and in few configurations. Brass is hard to find. I love the velocity it can reach. In fact, I love everything about it other than it's too obscure for me to invest in. Now, if it caught on I'd jump right onto it.

  9. Roger G23,

    Please look at this:

    I find the last paragraph the most pertinent:
    "The .40 Super cartridge lost momentum when Triton Cartridge was sold and later closed. Double Tap Ammo and Underwood Ammo still offer loaded ammunition for the .40 Super. Today brass is still available from Starline Brass Company and DoubleTap, reloading dies are not available as of this year 2013 nor are 1911 conversion kits or barrels, the last known source was Bar-Sto Precision Machine. Lone Wolf Distributors and RockYourGlock still offer the conversion barrel for a Glock 21 and you must use a Glock 21 10-round singlestack magazine in order for the ammo to feed correctly, a doublestack 13-round magazine will not feed at all."

    I'll stick with the 10mm but it the 40 Super ever catches back on, I'll be all over that.

  10. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy

    You make some good points. Good research too, however....
    Check this out:[ame=""]Glock 21 40 Super 13rd Mag Fix - YouTube[/ame]
  11. Roger G23,

    Loved the vid but I still see some issues. Access to ammo and brass, reliability of the platform (bullet launcher), standardized high-cap mags that don't need tweeking to work, etc. I WANT it to gain popularity because I am impressed by this cartridge but I see it passing into history without much fanfare. When it goes away for good it will be a real loss to shooting connoisseurs but some things are going to become extinct despite your (our) wishes. As for reloading, you can do that if you can pick up each piece of brass. Oh, never, never, never carry reloads for SD...did I say never yet? Since brass has a limited life you will want a hefty stash to start off with.

    All in all I love what I've read about the 40 Super except for the impending extinction.

  12. Roger G23

    Roger G23 Glock Guy


    Good points. Hard to predict future. However, if you or any friends want a great deal on a new, in the box, Lone Wolf 6'' 45-40Super conversion barrel (never fired) let me know. Really nice stainless steel.

    I bought it from Lone Wolf Distributing site for $124 plus $10 shipping.
    I'll sell it for $100 shipped free.

    The only reason I'm selling is that I've decided to go with the .45 Super set-up.



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