My quest for a 22 plinker is over...Mark II Target Competition

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by CDR_Glock, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. I acquired a Ruger Mark II Target Competition with a 6 7/8" barrel a few months ago. I found it Pre owned in a LGS. It was used based upon the looks of the internals and the tightness of the parts. For $430, it was high but for an almost new discontinued gun, I didn't complain.

    Shooting it a few times, I was happy with the factory trigger but it still pulled around 4-5 pounds. I had a Clark Trigger installed. It knocked her down to about 3 lbs.

    I experimented with a Sightmark Adjustable reticle holographic sight. After 1000 rounds it failed me. So I switched to a Matchdot by Ultradot. Two days ago, I installed it, zeroed it for 50 yards and took it for a "spin". I hit then 1" wide rod at 25 yards, the 4" plate at 50 yards, the 8" plate at 75 yards. It feels great to shoot and it takes some work holding a heavier 22 as still as possible. My buddy hits a padlock at 75 yards, a 1" rod at 50 yards and a 150 yard plate. He has a few years up on me. I'd like to strive to his level, some time in the future. I'm using Eley Target ammunition.

    I learned my lesson on the cheap sights. Buy what you can afford and be done with it.

    Field stripping a Ruger is no more complicated than an AR-15 or shotgun. It's not impossible. It's not cut and dry like a Glock. However, it should not deter ANYONE from acquiring it, or even cleaning it. It's not rocket science.

    For the money, I'm happy with the configuration for my 22 LR plinker for precision and long distance shooting,

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    That was the model I wanted, but couldn't locate at the time I purchased my last Ruger.
    I tried the reddot thing, but could never find one I liked. I finally settled on steel bomar type sights among other modifications.

  4. I have one of these jewels, and bought it new at a gun show for $300 back 4/18/98. I have the factory supplied rings and have a 1" Simmons 3MOA red dot scope on it which works great. FWIW, it does best with 40 gr ammo, and I ofter shoot it with CCI Blazer ammo. When wanting to shoot tiny groups, use 40Gr Federal Match Target ammo. I am able to shoot 3/8" to 5/8" groups off a sandbag rest consistently at 50 yards. It is as accurate as a tricked out Ruger 10/22 I have. I have squirrel hunted with it, and have shot the snot out of it. I clean it about every 3,000 rounds or so, only after having taken it down. I do swab out the chamber after shooting it, but more 22's are fouled up by injudicious cleaning than by shooting. Another great Ruger 22 is the Single Six. I have a used one in blued 6 1/2" barrel with a 22 cylinder and a 22WMR. It is really accurate also. Both these guns are so good, I don't have any other 22 handguns. Happy Shooting !:wavey:
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  5. they are very nice and accurate pistols....
  6. I used Loktite to fix the rail to the gun so I had to resight the red dot. I was happy with my results yesterday. I shoot at various sized steel targets at different distances from 25 to 75 yards right now. My goal is to hit the 3 cm wide steel rod at 25 yards, 4" target at 52 yards and the 8" target at 75 yards consistently before I move to longer distances. So the rest is up to me.
  7. My testing with multiple brands of .22 ammo, revealed that none of the more expensive "target " ammo outperformed CCI Standard velocity. Some semi-auto requires more stout hi-velocity stuff, but for .22 plinking and bullseye, CCI Std.velocity gets it done.
  8. I bought my first Ruger .22 LR Semi Auto Handgun back about 1978 or so. No I do not have that one any longer but have had several since that time. Currently I have a Ruger MKII 5 1/2" Stainless Bull Barrel that belonged to my late brother. This particular Ruger has a super tight chamber and I actually had a Gunsmith Polish the Chamber to make it a bit more reliable. Accuracy with this particular Ruger MKII has always been outstanding, more accurate than any of the Smith & Wesson Model 41's I have had.

    My MKII has a Clark Custom Guns Steel Ruger Trigger. These triggers are slightly oversized and require fitting to each individual frame. I had to reduce the side to side thickness just slightly on my to get it to fit in my frame but now there is no side to side wiggle that is common to the factory aluminum trigger.

    I have also added a Volquartsen Custom Target Sear which provided for a crisp 2 1/2 pound trigger pull. I also added an On Target Guns Blast Shield that slips between the upper receiver and frame and protects the trigger components from getting a carbon buildup from firing. Unfortunately these are no longer available, but I have used mine as a pattern to make my own out of aluminum beverage can material. I have also had the headspace set on the bolt on this MKII which also helped round out my groups a bit.

    Lastly I had the receiver drilled & tapped to accept the Ruger MKIII Scope Base (I'm actually using a Weigand Scope Base) and have a Bushnell Trophy Red / Green Multi Reticle Sight on it.

    I have also outfitted this MKII with the now discontinued Clark Custom Guns Ruger Grips. These feature filler panels at the top of the backstrap and bottom of the frontstrap to straighten out the grip angle and make it more like a 1911 grip angle. I have modified these grips slightly in that I removed the flare from the bottom on the front strap making it more straight up and down and now the bottom circumfrence measures the same as a 1911.

  9. My (slabside) MKII Govt Match Target is my least ammo sensitive 22 pistol. It will eat almost any 22 ammo. I think it will last for many generations of shooters.

  10. Congrats! :cool:

    I love the Mark series pistols.
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    Pics, man! Where are the PICS!!
  12. Yup, we need pic's!
  13. Great pistol.



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