My parts are rolling in; now a tumbler

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Lonestar 48, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Lonestar 48

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    My reloading supplies are slowly coming together, thanks to a start up package from Jack. :cool: I have most of what I've read I need with the exception of a tumbler. I've read some things in here about them, but can I get some suggestions?

    I'm still reading through my books, then I'll put everything together, then you guys can just look for a mushroom cloud out of Fort Worth.

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  2. There are basically two types of tumblers: the rotating drum tumbler which was invented for polishing rocks and the vibratory style like:

    I have the large Dillon but I think the smaller unit might be just as good. It kind of depends on how many cases you plan to clean at one time.

    There are others around.

    I used to use one of the rotating types and it worked very well:


  3. Zombie Steve

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    Did Jack really start you of with one of his special "It was just working in 1979, I swear" kits?
  4. Lonestar 48

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    No, he promised the powder was still good in 1942 after he retired from the Army Air Corp.
  5. PCJim

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    I'll vouch for the Lyman 1200 tumbler (not the autodump models). The serrated top acts as a media separator when inverted, and can easily be used over a typical 5gal bucket. Just maintain your hold so that the top doesn't separate from the bowl.
  6. Good point! Yes, you need some kind of media separator.

    Again, I use the larger Dillon but others will work as well. The nice thing about the tumbler style is that you just keep rotating the handle until all of the media is separated. You don't have to lift anything beyond dumping the contents of the tumbler into the basket of the separator (and that's enough!).

  7. GioaJack

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    I'd send my butler down to hand polish each piece of brass for you but it's snowing like hell and I had to put his leg chain on him so he can't get farther away than plowing out to the dirt road. Sorry.

  8. I've had a Lyman tumbler for over 20 years now. Keeps on going and going like the energizer bunny.. What else can I say?
  9. I've been running a Thumbler for about 25yrs, still going strong. I also have the large Dillon, but really, unless you do a lot of rilfe, it's huge.
  10. I asked this before buying mine and received a couple of suggestions to buy the Cabela's Tumbler kit. I can't attest to its longevity because I've only put about 2,000 pistol cases through it but it is made by Berry's (that's who you send the warranty card to), has a three-year warranty on the motor, and it's quiet.
  11. ron59

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    And I was probably one of the guys who suggested that one.

    Same one I have. Only had it two years, but it's already polished over 40,000 cases, and still going strong. I've been good about not accidentally leaving it on overnight or anything, don't think that's good for any tumbler. Getting one of those inline *timers* might be a good thing.
  12. rpgman

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    I wonder if it was one of those TWO 1050's Jack has?

    If not, can I have one Jack? lol

  13. I got that tumbler for my bench, also, and have had great results with the media and polish. I'll get some NuFinish after this stuff runs out.

    I would recommend the old dryer sheet squares trick to put in the media to cut down on the dust. I tumble inside, but dump/separate the brass and media outside the garage.
  14. Lonestar 48

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    Appreciate all the replies; Dillon, Lyman, Cabelas, Midway, several to choose from. I think I'll boil it down to the best deal I can get.
  15. rpgman

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  16. Travclem

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    I have a hornady and a midway USA brand, had em for 4 or 5 years. All of my equipment it Dillon and RCBS but I don't think one company's vibrating bowl is better that another. The Hornady is a little more quiet than the Midway one if that matters to you.

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