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My new-to-me rig...

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Drjones, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Just thought I'd's nothing too special, but I'm a *lot* happier with it over my old rig and am proud of the few things I've done to it...

    My old rig was a hand-me-down Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop, P4, around 2.4Ghz, 2GB RAM and like a 120GB HD. The thing is a tank and I've taken it apart and put it back together about a half dozen times....just did it a month ago or so to reapply thermal paste to the CPU. It sure has served me well, but I've been lusting for a faster machine.


    A buddy was cleaning out his office and told me to just get rid of the computers in there (about 3 of 'em).

    One of them is a Dell Dimension E521. It's got a dual-core AMD processor, which is new to me as I've always had Intel stuff, but I'm really stoked it's a dual-core.

    I was really thrilled that it's got SATA, because I put one of these bad boys into it: OCZ SSD click here.

    I was going between that one and Intel, but the OCZ was significantly cheaper for higher capacity, and it got just as good reviews as the Intel, who is basically considered to be one of the best SSD makers around now.

    The tower actually has room for three SATA hard drives, so I also put a 2TB Seagate into it, so I could backup the contents of my NAS and have a ton of free space to play with since my main boot drive (the OCZ obviously) is rather small.

    It currently only has 1GB of RAM; I ordered an additional 2GB from Amazon along with the hard drives, but one of the new RAM sticks is bad as the computer won't boot with both of them in....So, a replacement is on the way....the board will only support 4GB, but that's enough for my needs.

    The tower came with a 128MB graphics card with DVI and VGA, but I thought I'd treat myself a little and throw in something a little nicer:

    I know it's not the greatest by any stretch, but it will be a far better GPU than I've ever had and I don't play any games at all.......I just want it to run my dual monitors easily and speed up the system overall. I also didn't want to get anything too powerful & risk having to replace my power supply as well. The card got great reviews on Amazon and all of those people are doing way more intense stuff than I ever will, so I'm sure it will be fine. I just want my dual DVI. :)

    Anyway, even with only 1GB of RAM and the factory 128MB graphics card, this thing still flies with Win7 Ultimate x64, thanks to that SSD.

    Like I said, nothing too special, but it's been fun to piece together and have a really fast system now. :)

    Oh, I reapplied the thermal paste to the CPU on this new box as well....if you haven't done that to your rig, do really does help your system run cooler & quieter. Made quite a difference in my old 9100 that is now retired.
  2. mgo


    Aug 9, 2010
    Another solid state hard drive convert, eh? Yep, they are rocket-fast and a delight to use. Like you, my operating system and some documents are on the solid state drive, and other multimedia, etc. type files are on a mechanical drive.

    Windows 7 and solid state drives play well together, so you done good!

    My SSDs have been running for 18 months, with zero problems.

    Add all the RAM you can stuff in there, it makes a big difference.

    Another real bang for the buck is the new Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive. You get almost solid state drive speed with four times the capacity and about one fourth the cost.

  3. Yep, the SSDs just make sense....and boy am I happy with mine!!!

    As I said, I'm awaiting 2GB RAM from Amazon, that'll bump me up to 3 - currently it has 2x512mb sticks in there...eventually I'll replace those with another 2GB set for a total of 4GB. Unfortunately it will only support 1GB per slot. There's no way around that limitation, right?

    That Seagate Momentus is interesting...I hadn't heard of them before....the largest I saw on Amazon was 500GB - is that the largest they make?

    Those things will be a nice and welcome replacement for the standard drives in my NAS to speed things up even more, when they increase the capacity to 2TB and when/if they make it onto the HCL for my Netgear NAS...