My new 1911 addition

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by jstanfield103, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. I picked up a new addition today, Love it. I have not shot it yet but it is a well made piece of American workman ship.
    This will go good with my other 2 45's
    I purchased a Remington 1911R1, I debated about getting the enhanced version but did not like the longer trigger or the grips. I purchased a Davidson's Talo edition. I did not like the grips but liked the shorter trigger. I bought the Davidson's because of the warranty, Remington only has a 2 year warranty. They should have a lifetime warranty.
    I have replaced the grips already and also the end cap for the spring, could not resist gold inlaying the billboards. I like the look and can't wait to shoot it tomorrow. here are some pictures of it and my other two ( S&W 645 and Taurus PT1911SS)





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  2. Jason D

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    1. Project Mayhem

    Nice congrats.

    The R1 was my first series 80 type gun.
    I was surprised at how good the trigger felt.

  3. Nice pick up congrats! That 645 is NICE!
  4. Very nice

    Congrats! :cool:

    I like that Smith the best even though its not a 1911. They are great shooters.
  5. Yes the 645 is a great shooter but I actually enjoy the 1911's the most, they just fit my hand a tad better and really crisp triggers. I wish I could afford a S&W 1911 but not at this time. One day maybe, but the next one on my Bucket list will be a Colt 1911. I saw a dream 1911 today at my LGS for $2100 it was a world war 2 Remington. It was awesome looking. Thanks for all the replies from everyone.
  6. How do you like those esmarelda grips? Im thinking about getting an Identical set in thin.
  7. I much prefer 1911 over anything.

    Those old gen 2 Smiths are very cool though.

    WWII would have been a Remington Rand 1911. Remington made some 1911s during WWI.
  8. The Esmareltda grips I love, I bought 3 sets of grips for that Taurus. I bought a set of Rosco that are beautiful and well made ( the Remington now wears them) I bought a set of Esmarelda grips off Ebay and put them on the gun and then I found this last set, I really like the looks and feel of set on it now, very comfortable, they were purchased off eBay also at half the price. She will make about anything you want if you contact her through her web site.
  9. Beautiful piece!
  10. faawrenchbndr

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    Very nice.......congrats!
  11. Congrats. The R1 is a great gun for the cash. Love shooting one that my buddy has.
  12. glock2740

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  13. Jason D

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    Not even John Taffin knows the difference between the Remington UMC/Arms company of WWI fame, and the type writer company Remington Rand of WWII fame.

    He said something about the Remington Rand being his first 1911, and now Remington being back in the 1911 game. All said in the same sentence in one of the recent Surplus magazines.

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