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Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by darwin25, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. darwin25

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    So I went yesterday to Armscor MCS to break in my lupara. Brought in 25 rounds of 3 inch 000 buck and bought another 25 rounds of #6 Bird Shot. I figured this must be enough to break in the shotgun.

    First is function testing. I opened the cylinders and loaded only the right cylinder with #6 Bird Shot, closed the barrels and then cocked both hammers. I did this to verify that the second hammer does not fall on recoil from the first shot. Success. I repeated the same procedure for the left cylinder. Then I repeated the same procedure again using 3 inch 000 buck. Success. Im good to go.


    2 3/4 inch #6 Bird shot at 7 yards

    3 inch 000 buck at 7 yards

    this big hole is from a fiocchi 2 5/8 inch brenekke slug

    3 inch 000 buck at 10 yards


    Recoil is not what you would expect. Its actually lighter than all of the pump action shotguns that I have fired. Thanks to the 20 inch barrel and soft rubber butt pad that really works. My impression is that shot patterns with both barrels are tighter than the Mossberg Maverick that I sold. Trigger is not heavy contrary to what people might expect from a norinco. It is fairly balanced. During the first 20 rounds, it would take some effort to break open the cylinders after shooting it, but after that, it's relativey easy. Just push the clynder release and it will break open. I also let some people in the range shoot it and they were quite pleased at how easy it is to use. Positioning the finger to second trigger after shooting the first one is relatively easy. Much easier in fact than racking a pump. Barrels are well regulated and at 10 yards, go where I want them to go thanks to the nice triggers and good bead front sight. I was totally surprised that shooting it is not as punishing as one would expect from a comparable pump action shotgun even whe shooting 3 inch 000 buck, I really think that ladies can handle this lupara especially one chambered for 20 gauge.

    This one is a keeper. At 14,000 petots, I got more buck (pun intended) than my money cost me. :)

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  2. cebuboy

    cebuboy toy soldier

    very nice :)

  3. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist


    Where did you get all those sort of ammos?
  4. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    The Fiocchi Brenekke slug I got from PB Dionisio during the last gunshow, 2 5/8 inch Slug #31. The 3 inch 000 Buck from Twin Pines labelled Tactical Edge.
  5. EdTracker

    Lifetime Member

    What did you think of the Rio #6 birdshot. Was it very smoky? I have seen others use it at the trap range but never found it in a store.

    Cool SXS!
  6. Pepe308

    Pepe308 Noypi

    Nagtatampo ako! :miff:
  7. Nice. Too bad they are discontinued.

    That solid slug must have made a nice hole in the wood padding on the wall.

  8. Im not familiar with sg is it ok to shoot 2 3/4" ammo rather than 3" ammo? any disadvantage?
  9. batangueno

    batangueno Shock Resist

    Thanks. :)
  10. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    Nope they're not sir. It was the Winchester 1887 lever-action and Winchester 1897 pump clones that has been discontinued. Deenoh is bringing in lots of units for the SxS this November or December. It would be nice if there would be some units chambered for 20 gauge.
  11. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    Yes its ok to shoot 2 3/4" and smaller in 3" chambers as long as they are the same gauge. Advantages and disadvantages are relative to your purpose whether, hunting, defense, competition or whatever. For defense, 2 3/4" buck loads will be good. Generelly, the bigger the shot shell, the better for defense.
  12. Oh, good. I misunderstood. Yes, that 20 gauge would be good for home defense- less recoil and indoor blast/flash, so faster reload of the 2 barrels - and for my wife and daughter. I presume 20 gauge shells are sold here in the RP? Not at Armscor MCS, I believe. Must be expensive, since not much demand for it - 20 gauge size. I always have used just the 12.

    Anyway, good. I'll be sure to check out deenoh's luparas when the next batch arrives. Cheers, darwin.
  13. darwin25

    darwin25 Make your move

    I have seen some 20 gauge shells in most Twin Pines and satellite stores sir. Not Armscor though. Mostly Fiocchi and Remingtons
  14. A few 20GA JW2000/Lupara's will be arriving with the next shipment November or December :banana:
  15. 20ga. ammo available at P.B. dionisio P20-P35 imported brand no 00 buck for 20 ga. Their 12ga.ammo P17-P34. Went there this afternoon.

  16. ic...Can't decide which to get 12ga. or 20ga. Also did not find 00 buck for 20ga. Anyone knows the price and availability of this ammo.
  17. Does anybody know if Armscor makes - and sells locally - 20 gauge shells? 12 gauge yes.

    If so, anybody know what store sells them? I'll try Trust Trade over the weekend.

    Or maybe locally-reloaded 20 gauge shells made by anybody?

    For practice, no need to use imported shells.
  18. Where to use this kinds of ammo for SG.(ducks,birds...etc)



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