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Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by Messer, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Howdy all,

    I was never much of a S&W guy - I always leaned towards Colts, and have several.

    First issue Detective Special with Mother of Pearl grips...

    But things seem to have changed.

    I stopped by my local gun shop yesterday to pick up my latest 3" S&W - a model 657 41 Magnum...


    In the last year or so, I've picked up...

    a S&W 24-3 3" .44 Special...

    a S&W 625-3 3" .45 ACP...

    and a 65-5 Lady Smith .357 Magnum...

    So... Hello, My name is Bob, and I have a problem - I just can't pass up a good snubbie!

    Have a good weekend,
    Bob S.

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  2. That 625-3 is gorgeous... I have always wanted a .45acp revolver but never seem to get there.

  3. I like that Colt!
  4. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    I'm definitely an S@W guy, but feel the need for a Colt one of these days.
  5. That looks like a good problem to have.

    I like the looks of the big bore snubs, but I've never had the pleasure.

    Nice collection.

    As long as you don't end up like my mom's neighbor who ended up on the naitional news because she had like 500 cats in her house.

    I'm not sure what the gun enthusiast's equivalent would be.
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  6. Two Guns

    Two Guns VIP MEMBER

    I love the 625 also.
  7. For not being a S&W guy you sure have a nice little collection started there. Very nice.
  8. Great collection !
  9. Those are some sweet snubbies.
  10. Those are very nice. I really like that 24-3.

    I like 3" revolvers. Better balanced and easier to shoot than the 2". They also just look coo. :)

    But I've found that on a J-frame, and even a K-frame sized gun, the 3" doesn't work all that well as a carry piece for me: the 3" J is too big for my pockets, and the 3" K is as heavy as a 4" and doesn't conceal as well as the 2". I had a both a really nice Ruger 2 3/4" Security Six, a 3" Speed Six, and a 3" S & W M. 36, but they just didn't work out for me on a day-to-day basis. If I had more funds for my guns, I'd have kept them, just because I liked them so much.

    But I've come to think that a 3" N-frame may be just the ticket for "bear" gun when deer hunting or out in grizzly country (when I get there). .357s are bit light, even for grumpy black bears, IMO, but a .41, heavily loaded .44 Special or .45 Colt, or .44 Mag. in a 3" N would make me feel better if I had to get a bear off of me.
  11. Very nice collection. :)
  12. Congrats. Nice collection
  13. I love my S & W 38spl. Lite weight. It's my grab and go gun!
  14. IvanW

    Great collection! I particularly like the Colt grips!
  15. Nicko


    Those are some nice grips. :cool:
  16. I am sure you will dress that 657 up with some pretty grips too! The rest look like ahrends grips, but i could be wrong. either way they look sweet.
  17. And you'd be right! :supergrin:

    657 with Ahrends Retro Banana grips...

    Take care,
    Bob S.

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