my hunting boolit.

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by ctious, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. This is a boolit from a group buy custom mold on cast boolits. They shoot great.

    This is the shallow hp version.

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    Nice looking boolit! Good Luck!

  3. How about some details?
  4. Looks as though it should do the job nicely!
  5. man, that thing looks mean!
    i should have got one of those molds :(
  6. Details are over on castboolit. I can't post a link cause the site is down right now for a upgrade. I shot a few into a block of ice today. That was cool. Gal solid. Right through it. Dug one out of the ground. Shot into soft dirt. I will post a pic. Opened up pretty good. The base held the mass and the nose fattened out great.
  7. Here it is.
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  8. What the heck. It's not posting the pic.
  9. Will is show now?
  10. I can't see any pics, I even lost the thumbnail on the OP.
  11. Here is the boolits again.
  12. I got the thumbnail again, sweet, one tough looking bullet.

    What do they weight?

    Also, have you checked the weight retention, just wondering if you lose some when the ridge peels back.

    One final Q, what velocity are you using?
  13. The one posted weights 190. They came as a 200 or a 190. My mold is a 200. The 190 boolits were sent to me from a guy that received his mold already. With the right alloy there is little to no loss. The ones I dug out of the dirt today did not bust up at all. The shallow hp just opens to a large flat. That is .430. We all know how well large flat noses work. This is going to be a killer hunting boolit.

    They were going around 1400 or maybe a little better today. Just weighed one. 183.5. So from 190 with lube I might have lost 5 grains shooting into the dirt. I would guess 100% weight retention in a live animal.
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  14. Oh and I shot a gal jug of frozen water. One that has been in a freezer for weeks. Very hard. Complete pass thru. Was disappointed. I wanted to see how it flattened out against something hard.
  15. Sounds like the best of all worlds, very nice.

    Thanks for all the information.

    PS - Just re-read and the 1400fps sunk in, wow!
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  16. Let me up size the photo for you my friend. Thanks for this great information.

  17. Wow.... GREAT BOOLIT!!!
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    That thing looks brutal!:wow:
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    Should punch a nice hole. I like it!

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