My heart stopped today....

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  1. Today had to be both the worse and best day of my life. My 16 year old daughter had only one exam today so she got home early around 9:30. She sent me a text and said that she was home and was planning on cleaning out her school files seeing that she is finished for the year. She always puts the alarm on "Stay" while she is home for safety measures. At 10:17am, my cellphone rings and it is my daughter. I knew something was wrong the minute I saw the call, because she NEVER calls my cell. As I answered the phone, I could hear the house alarm blaring in the background, dogs barking and she was crying out for me. Not 10 seconds into the call, my monitoring company called my office phone. I answered and heard only one phrase "We have a front door notification". I immediately screamed dispatch the police and ran from my office. As I was running down the stairwell I could hear my daughter talking on the home phone. The last thing I heard before her cell disconnected was "He's in the house". My heart stopped.

    My office is only about 10 minutes away, but it seemed like an eternity. I have a bunch of buddies on the police department and as I was trying to call her back and flying through traffic and red lights, one of my friends called when he heard the call go out for my address. He was about 4 minutes away and told me that he was in route. I continued to call her cell but got nothing. Every moment of her life flashed in front of my eyes. As I came flying down my street, I could see about 8 units parked in every direction, including on top of my lawn. I jumped out of my car and immediately saw they had what appeared to be a teenager handcuffed on my neighbor's lawn and then my friend grabbed me. I will never forget that feeling as long as I live. It was as if someone knocked the wind out of me. I couldn't speak. I just stared at him and finally said please tell me she's ok.

    I could hear the police officers in my house over the radio saying that she was refusing to come out. The 911 dispatcher was telling her that everything was fine, but she refused to come out until I arrived. I could hear her saying "I'm not coming out until my daddy gets here". My little girl loves to go to the range and shoot with dad and today everything I taught her paid off.

    She was walking from the kitchen to the den when she saw a guy running up the walkway through our glass front door. He began kicking it to force his way in. She immediately ran to the bookcase in the den and grabbed one of my guns along with the telephone and locked herself in the bathroom. She has been taught that if anything ever happens to get to a weapon and barricade yourself in a room. If they dare attempt to gain access to that room, you shoot, shoot and keep shooting.

    It turns out that the guy had just carjacked someone about 3 blocks away and had jumped out of the car when he crashed it into a telephone pole. He took off on foot and saw a unit across the highway and tried to get into my home to hide.

    The officers were amazed at how a 16 year old reacted in that situation. The dispatcher finally assured her that I was there. I called out to her and she slowly exited the bathroom still clenching the .45 she had grabbed. It was a very emotional time for both of us. When everything calmed down and they finished taking her statement, the police chief showed up and was joking around with her saying that he wants her to teach a class for the department. One of the officers commented that she grabbed the smallest and biggest gun she could. She told him that she loves her pink Glock 19, but it was upstairs. At that the officer said, well that 19 gives you 15 shots and that .45 only has 6, but it's a whole lot meaner. Without missing a beat, she said "Yeah, but I grabbed two extra clips when I grabbed the gun".

    That's my girl!!!!

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  3. Wow!! That's a hell of an amazing story. I'm so glad she's okay! It must feel extremely violating to have somebody in your home, especially with a loved one in.

  4. Wow I'm glad she is safe, I can only imagine how you must have felt. Sounds like you raised her very well, kudos to her for handling herself so well in that situation!
  5. I'm glad nothing happened and she's ok! You taught her well! Im sorry you had to go through that helpless feeling while it was going on until you got there
  6. Glad it turned out well!

    I'd be very proud of anyone who'd react that way. Especially a 15 year old.
  7. Zombie Steve

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    Also glad to read things turned out well.

    Welcome to GT.
  8. Great story - glad she is okay and the BG is in cuffs. My daughter is my life and my heart was racing reading your story! I think I will take her back to the range this weekend. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Very good!

  10. Very glad that your daughter is O.K.
  11. Man I got chills when I read "He's in the house". That's so scary. The guy is probably glad the police got him before you did. So glad she's ok.
  12. You should be very proud. I'm glad she's safe.
  13. Great story. Glad shes ok.....

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  14. wjv


    She called them "clips"? What are you teaching that girl!!! :shocked:


    Glad it turned out ok and that they caught the thug. .

    I hope that when he goes to the lockup your PD buddies pass the word around that he was outsmarted by a 16 year old girl!!
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    I'll echo the congratulations for training her well. Excellent job by both of you.
  16. I'm glad that she is okay.
    My heart was racing while reading this story, you taught her well.
  17. birda40

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    Good job Dad.
  18. plp


    Glad it worked out well for all concerned, you did a great job teaching her what to do and she did everything right, including not coming out until she KNEW beyond a doubt the threat was resolved and someone she trusted was there.
  19. Excellent! tom. :supergrin:
  20. As a father, you did a great job--in preparing your daughter way before any bad stuff had a chance to happen to her!

    Congratulations on having a daughter who then demonstrated that she was well prepared.
    Your time spent at the range is guaranteed to be very prominent in her mind forever more. You invested your love and care in your daughter and that investment paid off big time!

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