My G23 blue label priced non blue label :D

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  1. HI folks. Title says all. First Glock ever. Wound up being offered a sweet deal on a very low mileage nickel boron coated slide/barrel G23. I couldn't pass this beauty up. I was all over it like stink on you know what.

    He was asking 450. I offered 400. We agreed to 425. Along with three mags and all the case candy a NIB would come with. The extra mag was a nice bonus as those are usually what 30 something bucks a pop average. I basically got this at blue label pricing and its nickel boron coated. Hard to say no to that type of deal right?

    When he said low round count he meant it. I doubt he even put more than 50 rounds through the pipe max. It was squeaky clean for the most part.

    I didn't waste any time getting some Trijicon HD night sights installed. I've only shot it at one range outing so far. 86 rounds by my hand total. Mostly range fodder with 6 PDX self defense rounds just to verify functionality. Eventually I need to get some more of those and do some further confirmation but I'm already impressed with those rounds. Not cheap but what good round is right? My best group was actually with the good stuff. The gun loved it. Good to know that if I need them for a seriously bad situation I think I'm good to go. My personal goal is 500 trouble free rounds fired before I'll consider it g2g for home defense or carry duties but so far its looking like that won't be an issue.

    Enough of my babbling for a moment. Here she is folks.







    Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic. The range I shoot at usually isn't the easiest to get your targets back from and I didn't have a decent digicam on hand. Look at the lower left bottom target. 6 rounds of that expensive but well worth it PDX stuff. 3 are touching in the bull where I shot lefthanded, my strong hand. The other three widened up a bit where I shot with my right hand but still very tight and respectable.

    The remaining targets were all the WWB target fodder and it opened up as you can see. All in all though considering I'm still getting used to this pistol I'm very happy so far. The Trijicons were not cheap but well worth it. For the entire investment I have into this considering its nickel boron coated and the night sights I have installed now should prove this to become a fantastic carry piece. I can easily see why one of these multiplies into many. Just like the black rifle disease!

    Thanks for reading my babble.

    Mods I apologize if this isn't the most appropiate spot on the forum to post this. Please move it if required. Thanks.

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  3. Sweet... I've got Ni-BX a G17 and 19.... Great gun!!! Now go shoot the piss out of it!!

  4. c01

    c01 Crazy Eye

    G23 is next for me. Nice gun. How do you like the finish? Is it slick?

  5. it is a bit slicker feeling than other handguns I've used. I think the trijicon sight at the rear will help as you can grab it. One selling point the gun shop guys showed me which sold me on the sight was using your belt or other solid object to rack the slide. If my hands are sweaty or injured its a nice feature to remember and utilize.
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  6. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Awesome looking gun. A stock glock, I'd trust out of the case. One with an aftermarket treatment such as this, it's only prudent to put a few down range. And it's not like it's a chore. Congratulations.
  7. Bill as I understand it this pistol was sold brand new this way. The original owner did not have this sent off for a refinish after purchasing it. I know alot of folks do send off stock slides/barrels for this type of finish. A quick google search shows some of these NIB coated guns were distributor exclusives. WMD guns where this one was done and another company known as TALO. Wether or not this still is considered an aftermarket finish or a factory one I don't know honestly.

    If anyone around here knows the definitive answer on that I'm all ears as I'd like to know. So far I've been telling everyone asking that I assume it was a factory finish. I guess YMMV depending on how you approach it. Either way, its a sweet looking gun and should serve me well into the future.
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  8. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Glock does not make NIBX pistols. It is an aftermarket treatment. I think it looks great. It may have been sold as new, as in not owned by an individual, but it did not come from the factory that way. I agree, it's sweet looking and should serve you well.
  9. Served me well at the range today.

    I'll post up a proper range report soon. Had a friend tag along with his new M&P .45. Got some good pictures and video.

    Thanks for the clarification on the aftermarket thing Bill. It is appreciated.

    I'll tell you guys this. That treatment makes cleanup afterwards a breeze. I'm loving it.
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  10. glowrod

    glowrod Fightin' Fire

    Nice looking pistol. Pretty good deal with the night sights.
    Shoot it well and enjoy!

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