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My FM Hi-Power

Discussion in 'The Browning Hi Power Club' started by Veedubklown, May 3, 2012.

  1. Bought it today when I went to my FFL to pick up my tec-22. It was lonely and on consignment when I bought my Bul back in February. Low and behold, 3 months later, it's still there. It needed to come home.


    Best I can tell, it's an FM M95, with a Pachmayr extended slide lock, and ambi-safety. It has tru-glo night sights, but they're a bit old, and a little dim. They still glow, but I think they could use an update. The baked on enamal is about 80%, but there's an area of touch-up, that looks like crap. Wonder if I could clean it up and have it blued? May go a professional finish, as I want this to be a carry gun. $341 for BHP, FFL transfer, and tax. Not bad?

    ETA: Just got back from the range, with it. Federal 115gr FMJ, hydrashoks, it doesn't care. It eats anything. Ran 5 mags through it with 1 failing to lock to the rear at empty, but I only have 1 mag (for now), so coulda been dirty? Dry? bad ammo? Cleaned lubed it when I got home. Filled it with hydrashoks and love my new BHP.
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  2. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    Very nice

    Congrats! :cool:

  3. Hey bac, any idea what the circular portion on the front of the slide lock is supposed to do? I use it to lock the slide back by pressing down on it with my left index finger, since I'm a lefty. Is is supposed to serve some other purpose, or is that it? I was thinking it would be better serrated, but I've never seen that.
  4. yellowhand


    Feb 1, 2012
    You got a good one, love mine, like yours, it will feed ANYTHING in the mag!
  5. As many have said before about the BHP, I found the trigger less than satisfactory. This was after a prior owner had removed the magazine safety. I feel that the gun should have the safeties intact, so I ordered the replacement parts from browning. Also, I found the trigger to have alot of take-up, creep, and over-travel. I ordered a new trigger lever, in case I screwed this one up, but it seems to be doing well. I elongated it, and adjusted the angle of the sear lever, so that the trigger engages much sooner. Stoned and polished my hammer/sear, and welded a little nip onto the end of the front of the trigger, as an over-travel stop. This trigger is now about as close to a 1911 as it can get. I may flatten out the face a bit, and I'm getting a new trigger return spring from browning as well.

    Can't wait to hit the range with it, maybe tomorrow. The trigger pull is only about 1/4th of an inch (measured the bottom of the trigger moving across the trigger guard), maybe 5lbs, and the reset is short and quick. It's not real positivebut I'm sure the new return spring will cure that.

    Here's the front of the trigger where I applied just a dot of a weld, then filed it back down while watching TV and fitting it to the frame.
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  6. Decguns


    Dec 29, 2003
    Great pistol. I sold a lot of FM Hi-Powers in the shop back in the 1990's. They were so rediculously accurate, I kept one for myself. Mine feeds everything but 147gr flat nose lead projo's. I try to stick with Argentine military mags. No problems with either of their 13rd mag designs or their 15/17 rounders. The stock trigger pull never bothered me... it's far better than the single action pull on it's little brother FNX-9...

  7. I just ordered 3x of the mec-gar 15 rounders. I've heard great about them, will find out.
  8. They are indeed, fantastic. The Mec-Gar 15 round mags function perfectly, look, feel, and fit like the factory mag, except there's 2 ridges missing on the bottom, where mec-gar changed things to get the extra 2 rounds in. Fantastic mags.
  9. ca survivor

    ca survivor

    Dec 25, 2011
    nice Browning, enjoy
  10. Added a set of hogue grips and changed out the +p recoil spring to be able to cycle target loads. Still cycles my defensive ammo just fine, without too much recoil. Not sure why the original owner put that spring in, gun didn't run at all.

  11. toaddad


    Jul 26, 2008
    Carolina Beach, NC
    I bought BHP Mark III (made in belgium/assembled in Portugal) back in the late 1990's. I had always wanted one since it is such an elegent handgun. However the out of the box trigger was really heavy. Guess even then they were running scared of the lawyers. So I had a good local gunsmith do a triger job on it and got rid of the magazine disconnecrt. Now it has a superb single action trigger and I dressed it up with a pair of Craig Spegel's thin grips which make it fit my medium sized hand like a glove. Talk about a sweet dress gun!
  12. dberry


    Jan 9, 2006
    FM are great guns. Im seriously thinking about getting my old FM back. Amazed its sat in the LGS case for a year now. Most pick it up and think its a cheap copy knockoff with a bad finish, how wrong they are.