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Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Gbannan, Jul 27, 2012.

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    922 parts refer to Title 18, Chapter 44, section 922(r) of the United States Code, defined further by Title 27 Part 478.39 of the Code of Federal Regulation, which mandates that imported semi-automatic rifles and shotguns have to have 10 of 20 specific parts US-made to be sold in a non-"sporter" configuration. Hence why Saigas come with a monte-carlo style stock and single-stack magazines, and then have to be "converted" back into a regular AK design.

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    There is nothing wrong with the WASR's as long as you take 10 seconds to look them over.

  3. Thats what I was originally looking at but they had none left. So I went with the CIA Zastava. I think the quality, fit and finish was worth the extra $150.
  4. Fortunately for the unsuspecting, ex-Yugo military 7.62x39 is likely the last of the corrosive to be routinely found for sale. Although I have read that you should never fully trust ANY EU, ex-WARPACT ammo just to be on the safe side.

    I don't go anal after a shoot of Wolf or Tula in the AKs, but I don't completely ignore them like I would after a day at the range with a .22LR.

    As for PAP - from everything I've read on the 'net - which of course means nothing -- is that "P.A.P." is our abbreviation for some Yugo/Serb phrase meaning "semi-auto rifle".

    We use it as if it is a model-name as that is what EAA was calling them when they started importing the low-cap thumbhole versions.

    Whatever they call it, the ones I handled at a gunshow were sweet AKs - a time machine back to the 80's. Love to have one but just have no need.
  5. Well, I went ahead and got the Yugo PAP. The rifle feels and looks quality. Now i just need to shoot it.



    The bolt is what i'm worried about. Hopefully it shoots fine, but if not it's off to get a original Yugo bolt, not the single stack version. I also ordered a new dust cover from RGuns.

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  6. With the dust cover from RGuns. I think it looks much better and it fits perfectly.

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    Looks good, shoot it yet?
  8. No sir. Can't shoot it at my indoor range..

    I'm going to give a detailed range report with the stock bolt when I finally get to test fire it.

    If there are any problems at all im going to send it to Two River Arms for the original Yugo bolt replacement.
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    Sounds good, let us know.
  10. This range report is going to be far from detailed..

    The rifle ran perfectly with no issues at all. I ran about 120 rounds of Tula ammo through her and it ran fine. I was shooting from a bench at 50 yards. It shoots low but i'll take care of that the next range visit. I was skeptical of this platform because of the single stack bolt, but after 120 rounds and not one issue, I think i'm going to keep her.
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    Good to hear.:thumbsup:
  12. My local sporting goods store has them for $475 regular, i got mine a couple months ago for $400 on sale. I love the gun and got it as a SHTF rifle that i know will go bang every time, but i wouldnt pay $550 for one, thats for sure
  13. WASR's aren't junk but the Zastava was available when I went back to my LGS.

    On another note, I put 60 more rounds through her and still no problems at all. That puts the rifle at around 200 rds with no malfunctions.
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    This is my 3rd AK and first quality AK build shoots like a dream, every time you pull the trigger it goes bang never jammed and is right on POA POI .....
  15. A WASR is just as good as any other AK. However, you must pick it out in person. I bought mine locally so I could check for canted sights. The fit and finish might not be as nice as an arsenal, but it functions just as well.

    Oh, and that Yugo looks much better with the new dust cover. I've never been into rails and tacticool stuff on AKs. Point and shoot!
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  16. Thanks!! And no failures. This rifle has been flawless.
  17. Dalton, did you do any shaping on your vertical foregrip? My folder won't fold with the Romy foregrip I bought.

  18. HWI


    Do you have the normal dong or the reverse dong like him?
  19. Mine is normal, curving forward, and longer...
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