My 38s are growing on me...

Discussion in 'The Bull Dawgs Club' started by wacopolumbo, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. I got into GAP because of the 39. Baby Glock with 45 performance. I love how it conceals as well. Then, being OCD, I had to have them all and then two of each. Lately however,I have been carrying my OD 38 more often. I have been buying holsters for it too. Don't tell my EDC 39, but it's got some competition....

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  2. Yep, 2 is one and 1 is least that's the rationale I used when purchasing 2 GAPs for each model #. Don't try a Gen 4 G37 or you will want 2 of those as well!

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  3. The title of this thread caught my eye...made me think of a girl I dated in college...:embarassed:

    But...not so much...

    I'll move along quietly now...
  4. Wish I could find a OD G38.. :crying:
  5. One of each here. Cheers.
  6. Wuzgonna say something dumb about those hormone shots. :supergrin:
  7. I have one and if/when the G38Gen4 is available, I might consider selling it. Although I really am partial to the OD. If the Gen4 were available as an OD, I would definitely sell it.
  8. scratchy wilson

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    Was gonna say something, but got staring at the Bad Idea T-shirt girl & forgot what I was gonna say...
  9. Yeh I really like the OD too. Then Gen4 might also change my mind though. Especially if it has a G19 sized slide.
  10. I own one!:tongueout:

    I love my 38, best of all worlds!

    EDIT: holy month old thread Batman! LMAO
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  11. You just had to, didn't you! :crying:
  12. Absolutely lol.

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