my 1st 1911

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by ram1000, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Well just have to comment on my first outing with my first 1911.

    Last week I purchased a slight used Kimber Gold Combat SS 2 from a guy I work with. He says the gun has about 300 rounds through it, and there is no reason to doubt it.

    It was every bit, but no more, accurate than my Glock 31 that I sold to buy the Kimber and that puts it more accurate than I can shoot more than one dedicated shot at a time.

    The only other comment I have is that I am going to sell this thing since I just can't understand what it is people like about an all steel, heavy, large tool like this. Yea, its very refined, and I don't really have any thing to complain about concerning the quality, but ... I guess I'll just never get it!

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  3. They make polymer guns for guys like you. :wavey:

  4. I'm kinda thinking "they make 1911's for guys like you"! Polymer guns are the real thing...
  5. Hey new guy - do you really want to introduce yourself by starting a "plastic vs. metal" cat fight?

    I know it's a Glock board, but plenty of us love steel guns too.

  6. I've got plenty of polymer guns.

    Hey troll, get lost ok?
  7. Thanks I'll watch that!

    Is it alright if I comment in another direction since I started the thread? If I had to keep this gun I would want to change the grips to maybe some soft grips. What direction should I go to look for those? I do like the smaller grip circumference of the 1911 vrs. Glock. Also I would change the sights to something more open- I don't like it when my sight blocks out my target point- so can these night sights be removed by myself and sold?

    Thanks Mr. 1911 sirs...
  8. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin JMB & MTK

  9. Not rubber, but the material is fairly soft.
  10. Hogue grips may be the answer for me, but I would want to hold the gun with their grips as I would like to keep the circumference as small as possible though I have large enough hands.

    I want to ask also concerning what it would take to have the frame coated to create a two tone gun? The all SS is preferable for its ability to withstand the elements but I'd prefer a two tone gun. (edit) For me the only purpose in carrying a pistol is outdoor camping use and targeting. I'm not LE or anything like that and live in one of the worlds smallest towns 125 miles from Boise.
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  11. My favorite grips so far are the 15 dollar Hogue grip panels on my Colt 1991 A!,and I've used a few.They are comfy and do not add a lot of exttra grip area
  12. don't bother spending a dime on it. if you don't like it now, you will end up selling it sooner or later. 1911 is love at first shot. if that didn't happen, you two were never meant to be
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  13. you want the Hogue grips, it will make you feel like you have a plastic gun :rofl:
  14. Wishful thinking???
  15. I think you where meaning "their site" not "there sight"...

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  16. I also have tried many different platforms and prefer the Glock, but am smart enough to realize how great the 1911 is for most. I just could never find one that I loved.
    For your situation I would suggest going ahead and selling/trading it. Like someone said, if you don't like it now, you probably won't ever.
    Get a Gen 4 G21. Shoot whatever you want at the range, whatever you prefer for SD (I like 230 gr. Gold Dots) and slide a mag of .45 Super in it when out in the woods/camping.
  17. faawrenchbndr

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  18. What you really mean is that you can't shoot it anymore accurately than your Glock 31. You can't compare accuracy unless it is done under controlled conditions - meaning a Ransom Rest with the same ammunition used in each pistol.

    Your accuracy with either pistol only demonstrates your shooting capability - not the inherent accuracy of the gun.
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  19. Colt also makes a set of textured rubber, wrap-around grips. I put them on my commander and really like them. Some people also cut off the front part so that the front strap is exposed, but I like the feel on the front of the grip because I don't have checkering on the front of the grips and they give me a better grip.

    IIRC, they are under $20 . . . .

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