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Muzzleloader suggestions

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by ithaca_deerslayer, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Looking for a modern scoped, accurate, inexpensive muzzleloader for deer hunting. Don't know much about them. Any suggestions?

    Cabelas has a CVA Buckhorn 209 magnum, 50 cal, scope, kit, $190.

    Wife and I probably won't agree on getting one over $200. But under that, I might stand a chance.

    I don't really want a new hobby. I just want a good tool for that special muzzleloading season in NY. If I get hooked into the hobby aspect, I can alway buy something else a couple years down the road.
  2. CVA are cheap but don't confuse dem with being bad. CVA was the 1st mfg that put me into the muzzleloader sports and I'm sure thousands of others.

    If you can check around in the papers, ads, craigslist for your area, you might beablt to find a more top-end mzl'er but I wouldn't hesitate to plug a deer at 50yards or less with a CVA. Just remember that buckhorn is designed for a sabot vrs a conical and I heard a few people saying their action screws have been loose from the factory but other than that it's a good cheap economical mzl'er.

    fwiw: $200 is a very load budget and factor in about 50-80+ dollars in accessories minus powder/projectiles.

  3. sabot = ? (.45 bullet set in a .50 plastic wad?)
    conical = ? (.50 cal bullet, cone shaped, fitting tightly down the muzzle?)

    Does the kit, shown in the weblink, include all the "accessories" that are needed? Or would there be more stuff I'd have to buy? Because they sell the rifle alone for a little less.
  4. At a minimum, in addition to the accessories listed, you'll need powder, percussion caps, a powder flask, a powder measure, and a bag to carry it all in.

    You will also likely need to buy more projectiles, patches, and cleaning supplies unless you just happen to stumble upon the right projectile/powder combination and are able to sight it in within 19 rounds.
  5. {sabot = ? (.45 bullet set in a .50 plastic wad?)
    conical = ? (.50 cal bullet, cone shaped, fitting tightly down the muzzle?)

    Yeaps that somes it up.

    For accessories it depends on what your doing ( range or field )

    At minimum this is what I have;

    1 hand made suede "possible bag"
    2 brass percussion cap holders ( one's a spare incase you drop the other in mud/water or something else... been their done that ;) )

    2 de-cappers (brass ) NOTE: don't waste your money on the plastic ones, they will break at the worst time. ( been their done that)
    1 RCBS funnel

    4-6 quick-loader ( a must for the field imho knight/hornady/Traditions/Redhead/Cabela's all makes them )

    nippe/breechplug removal tool ( it should be in your CVA kit )
    extra nipple or breechplug-nipple depend on your setup

    extra ramrod incase you break your OEM one or worst leave it at the house and forget it & left it on the driveway ( been their done that).

    helpfull field story:

    It also helps to have a spare in the truck/car/van doing mzl'er season. I missed out on a nice size 2X3 Buck, due to I "dropping/loosing" my ramrod somewhere between 1/2 to 1mile away from my stand. Never did find the rod till allmost 2 years later and it found caught up in a small brush that I happen to crawl thru at 05:45AM that dreadfull day. Most likely the rod snagged on a limb and pull my rod out.

    T-handle extension for driving that conical/sabot-bullet down the barrel, easier on your rod and hand.

    The above would easily add about 70 if you shop around but more like closer to $100 dollars or so or maybe closer to $125-150.

    Oh yeah, before I forget, save up your moneys cause you will shot it alot and each fired load will be over $1.50-$2 when you pull the trigger :supergrin:
  6. Thanks for info.

    I've never even shot a muzzleloader before.
  7. rfb45colt

    rfb45colt safe-cracker

    Mar 1, 2002
    WI's Northwoods
    I've always been a fan of the N.E.F./ H&R single shot rifles. They make a great muzzleloader too. It'll handle magnum loads and uses 209 primers, in a plastic waterproof disc. Loading primers is easier than any other ML I've seen. Easily removable breech plug makes it easy to clean too. I've got two of them in .50 cal. I bought the stainless/synthetic version ($225)... then a year or so later I won a camo-stocked/blued version in a raffle at a Whitetails Unlimited banquet. If by chance, you already own a NEF or H&R rifle, you can buy a .50cal muzzleloader barrel for it, for under $100. But if you buy a ML barrel for an existing NEF rifle with a monte-carlo stock, you'll need to use a scope. The ML barrels come with fiber-optic open sights, but with it used on a rifle receiver with a monte-carlo type stock, you cannot get your eye down far enough to use the sights. But the barrels are also drilled & tapped for scope mounting. Scope base cost only $8 extra.
  8. Shop around and keep checking Cabellas Bargin Cave.

    A few years ago I picked up a Stainless Steel TC Thunderhawk .54 cal in line on closeout for $149. It only took the #11 percussion cap, but for about $35 I got a 209 conversion kit from TC.