Murphies Law,Dang...!

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  1. My furnace went on the fritz about 7:30 PM. last night and I been up all night tryin to keep two wimminz from turning into
    "Popsickles" ! Good thing I got plenty of wood and three fire places!
    It got down to 3 degrees this morning and the repair guy will be here between 7:eek:o AM. - 6:00 PM..?!
    Guess I keep stoken the fires till he gits here. Good thing I'm all healed up,it's actually kind of fun. By the time them wimminz git up,I'll be wearin a loin cloth and grunt-tin.

    Fire...Good..Augh...(Twitch),Didn't effect me none , (Twitch)..dango need food..Augh , woman , Augh......! Cro-dango...? :supergrin: ...(Twitch)..(Pffffpht-eth)..!
    7:eek:o AM. - 6:00 PM. ? Hmmm.?-(Twitch).....Pffff-est..!

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  2. Well,by my clock,it's 3:10 and still stoken the fires! That repair guy,so far,I guess he's right on time?:shocked:

    Still got 2 hours and 50 minutes left! Maybe he'll be early?:wow:

    After I stoke the fires,gonna bag me a Taradacticle <---
    You know,(Dino-bird)?

    Now I do got a purpose for that .45-70! :tongueout:

    Fire...Good...Augh ! (Twitch-Pffffpht..!):dunno:

  3. tous

    tous GET A ROPE!

    I'd just go ahead and gather me up some hippie socialists, set 'em in the stove with some kindling and light 'em on fire.
    As they crackle and blaze on the hearth, hippie socialists are full of sap, ask 'em about global climate change. You'll get all the hot air you need.
  4. ^:rofl::animlol::animlol::thumbsup:...!
    What a time to be surrounded by gun totin , bullet flingin red necks,I bein one of em...!

    Got me a phone call from the fix-it guy,he can't make it tonite.

    Think of the Andy Griffin Show and Mayberry,well,that's where I live ,damn near.

    Does this "rattle" me? Nope. I spent three hours this AM. gittin fire wood to all three fire-places,just in case.

    Mama didn't raise no fool,just slightly insane.:ack:
    I guess this would be that "Just in case moment"!

    It is supposed to go down to -3 tonite with 20 MPH winds,
    wind chill,approx.-22,Yeap,that would be MINUS 22 DEGREES BELOW ZERO.

    Does this "Shake me" nope,"Cro-dango"!

    Fire...Good...Augh...! (Twitch)..Pffft-est..!:dunno:
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  5. Paul53

    Paul53 Geezer Boomer

    Don't go outside in just your loin cloth and grunt tin (WTF that is). With that low a temp, you'll have a difficult (almost said hard) time finding wood.:whistling:
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  6. ^You axed! GRUNT TIN:- Low frequencies,guttural,vocal "AUGH", Like when your constipated , but ,not crappin ? Just same satisfaction, but,no "DE-LOAD" function.Jovial
    "AUGH or DAUH",similar emotional expression,satisfaction,contentment,etc.!

    One grunt,worth a thousand pictures! :supergrin:

    "DE-GRUNT TIN":-A "Hic-up",in reverse,(IN) , unlike "Grunt tin",(OUT),OK?

    "Finding wood",I assure yoo,27 years later , my wife knows where I hide it!.............AUGH...! I feel betterer already!:supergrin:
  7. Your chatting about tossing some socialists into the fire reminded me about a tale I read (years ago) about how the railroads in Egypt used to toss mummies into the firebox of their steam locomotives to keep the boilers hot enough to generate steam to run the train. I think this was somewhere around the late 1800's to the early 1900's.
  8. smith10

    smith10 10MM WOOOOOOT

    You sir have achieved another level of STATUS. I salute you.:supergrin:
  9. smith10

    smith10 10MM WOOOOOOT

    Furnace guy show up yet Dango?
  10. Had to replace the circuit board in mine last month.

  11. Nope...! I'm slowin down quick,no sleep for ....1/4 cord of fire wood,how long is that?We will keep on keeping on,the wife and I.

    I made things pretty easy so's all she got to do is open doors,throw wood on hot.......Very hot.................Very,very HOT COALS.....?
    OK,wimminz+very,very HOT.......! I've seen wimminz get hurt somehow , with a Tea-spoon........Hmmmm...? Very,very,VERY...HOT !

    New plan,and nope,no fixit guy and don't know when anything for sure,
    do I ? I'm flurting with disaster !<(Molly Hatchet) 70-something,good song,where wasI ? Who are YOU ? I have fallen and don't DARE GIT ME UP !:tongueout: Scottie , Beam me UP !
    Fire...(sigh)...good....ack ! :faint:

  12. Shhhhh....$$$$.s , no board,OK ? :shocked:

    Damn fire....ok.....ah crap ! Cro-tired man...! :faint:

    PS: Pfft.............
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  13. smith10

    smith10 10MM WOOOOOOT

    So Dango, are these three fireplaces all in one room? :supergrin:
  14. :rofl:Don't do that :rofl:Tryin to conserve energy , me , too tired to laugh.....!


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  15. Mine went out a couple of nights ago. -5. fired up a central gas fireplace in the basement kept the house from freezing.

    Simple problem, simple fix, only $400. $300 for the circuit board and $100 for the guy. (sarcasm)

    Then he tried to sell me a maintenance plan for $20 a month. I told him the furnace was 14 years old and his plan would have cost me $3,360. A new furnace would be cheaper. My way cost $28 per year.
  16. Oh crap........! :faint:


    ft.. Brrrrrrr , I jst be re-inspired...Fire...:shocked:
  17. That come with the optional "snake-oil" ? :supergrin:
    So far , one pipe to kitchen "Lost in Action" !
    I can live with that. Those are brand new heat strips , tape , whatever ? That was not supposed to happen ? Thanks Murphie and yur damn LAW !
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  18. I don't want you to have nightmares. My furnace is 90+ % and so if there is any problem they simply replace the complete ($30 cost to make.....$270 to store until they can sell it to me) circuit board.

    Yours may be cheaper.
  19. Well , It says "Wood Chuck" on it , mmmm! Shipping date....Ahh....hmmm?... Santa.... Mar...mmm!..ia...hmmm?,..Hmmm..?
    Year of our Lord......,....9th day of ..Huhuuuuh...!....the...mmm!...8-eth montht....mmm....!
    Columbus just winked at me......! :shocked: Catatonic ? I am sleeping and don't know it ?


    Ain't got no board , two chipmonks er somethin ? :dunno: :faint:

    Gettin off easy , "Cheap Date" also..!
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  20. Ok,anybody out there.....?...Did we win the war....? What day is this......? ...Is "Obaminatio" still President.....? So' really did happen....?.....:shocked:......:faint:........???..!

    The ONLY Man Left ON EARTH...! The world is a play play ground...!

    Very sad,I will miss many , many people...! Back to business !
    1-Drug store.Liquor store.
    2-Guns and ammo store.
    4-Wally World
    5-Look in mirror , (who am I really?)....Damn..! I am beautiful , Lucky woman , the Wife , I will miss her dearly..!(sigh) See-ya Mom-in-Law ..!
    Wait..I hear's my ..TRUCK ? Damn , Oh well , back at it !.....***-****.....!
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