multiple HD shotguns?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by G23c, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. I have an 870HD, tactical with the breacher at the muzzle. I replaced the stock with a recoil reducer stock. It works well.

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  2. Several shotgun experts disagree that the metal guards are an advantage. Especially true on the 870.

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  3. G23c

    yikes, need to start wearing my reading glasses everywhere, :embarassed:
  4. It'd be nice having an extra firing pin, safety housing, and even an extra leftover stock that are common to multiple guns. Even if they're different models, they frequently use some of the same parts if they're the same gauge.

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    I'm a believer in matching controls etc on everything if possible.
    Both of my mossberg 500s have Mesa tactical stock adapters and magpul stocks and grips to make them feel just like an AR15, They also both have the same 8 shot shell carriers as each other on the left side and when I find a pair of 4 shot ones for the right side they will also both get those. Even the red dot sites are the same as the ones on my AR15's. Lights I still need to work on. One has a cheap one mounted to the mag tube with a rear push button and I hate it. I need to find a couple matching ones with remote pressure switches and mount the switches where they will emulate the ones on my AR's.
  6. I did that and it works pretty well. My tlr-1s pulls triple duty between my AR, shotgun and pistols.
  7. Bullman

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    I have been looking at the Insight WL series lights just so I can have one that runs off of AA batteries.

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    I've got a couple of lights that run on cr123s I'm likely to get some rechargeables.
  9. I have three Remington 870s, all set up in slightly different configurations (barrel length, sights, stocks, etc). But they all have the same manual of arms, so it's not an issue for me.
  10. I only have one that i just set up with the new magpul furniture. I like it so much i might buy another and put the magpul fde furniture on it.
  11. I have a mossy 500 & a 590, same manual of arms, the 500 is a light compact 5+1 with a red dot on it and Knoxx stock gen 1, the 590 has a light on it with Knoxx stock gen 2 8+1 capacity, a smidge longer but noticeably heavier. Both are good, I bought the 590 recently, jus in case of an "AWB" that will not be happening any time soon.
  12. I've shot pumps for so long that I try to pump an autoloader out of habit.

    There is something satisfying about the sound of a round racking into chamber on a pump.... should make someone on the otherside of a door hearing it think twice before trying to make a forced entry.

    I standardized on a M500 for personal use. Put straight comb Knoxx stocks on both of them. On duty was an 870.

    That said, I just picked up a Benelli M1 to see if I can teach the old dog something.....:supergrin:
  13. FireForged

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    Its a very common-sensical plan that does have tactical merit. Its not overthinking it unless you begin to feel that they must be configured the same way no matter what. What you suggest is a good thing in my book but its not critical.
  14. I have 3 pump action shotguns - all different.

    IMHO the guns being physically the same is not important.

    What you need to do to make them ready for use is the important thing -

    Just make sure gun is unloaded - pull trigger - load up magazine - store with empty chamber - safety OFF -

    If the time comes you need the gun - no matter what brand - model - the procedure to get it into service is the exactly the same.

    Pick gun up - rack the action -

    Since you already pulled the trigger before you loaded it no need to find the action button - since you are storing it without a round in the chamber no need to have the safety on - so no need to find that little button either.

  15. Sold my own two 590a1...want the same platform.
  16. G23c

    platform-wise that's where I am now. for HD I have 2 Mossberg 500's. slightly different set up for each.
  17. only makes sence. I got a 20inch a1 and a 18inch a1.
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  18. Different configurations, including a couple of SBSs, but all 870s so same manual of arms, etc.


  19. G23c


    Brother, you're missing one. Need an even dozen. :wavey:
  20. Picked up a factory Tactical model since that pic was taken, and recently won a Serbu Super Shorty in a FoNRA raffle -- call it a "Baker's Dozen" once the Serbu transfer comes through. ;)

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