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MSdos 5.0 or 6.2 Vmimage

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by noway, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Anybody ever found themselves needing a old copy of DOS and then building a vm image of that version?

    I have some legacy programs that I like that I need to create a image to run them on my VMware fusion system and I'm having a hard time finding someone with a MSDOS disk :shocked:
  2. Tennessee Slim

    Tennessee Slim Señor Member CLM

    Apr 14, 2004
    Mucus City, USA
    I tend to undertake oddball projects like that fairly often. That's why I have an MS-DOS museum.

    For stuff like this you sometimes can use the boot files off a Win9X installation floppy. I don't know the specific application you're working with but I haven't come across anything in quite a few years that couldn't be done with the Win9X boot files, and they're still pretty easy to come by.

    Is it 5.0 specifically you need? There are many copies of DOS disks available through P2P and torrent sites. I picked up one CD image that way that has everything from MS-DOS 1.0 thru Windows 3.0. And there are abandon warez sites that host images like what you're interested in. Most of them will require a 3rd party utility like the commonly-available RaWrite to create the floppy from an image. I can't vouch for this site but it was the first hit I got. It goes without saying you should view anything you download from a site like this with great suspicion. You can search on a version of DOS and "disk image" (I recommend and see what hits turn up for you.

  3. ND40oz


    Jun 29, 2008
    N. Yorkshire/Denver
    You can grab iso's of them from MSDN, if you have a sub. I imagine technet subscribers can get them as well.
  4. Sgt. Schultz

    Sgt. Schultz Annoying Member

    Try this ...

    The FreeDOS project began June 26, 1994, when Microsoft announced it would no longer sell nor support MS-DOS
  5. downloading the fullcdimage now and will soon be making a freedos VM image. Cool and never heard of it but if it works than GRrrrrrrrrrrrt ;)
  6. Furant

    Furant Millennium Member

    Oct 14, 1999
    Roswell, GA
    Freedos has saved me on many occasions. I love it!