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MP3 Recording and Editing Freeware

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by AAshooter, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. AAshooter


    Nov 1, 2000
    Here is what I want to do. I am taking some technical classes with 3 hour lectures. I would like to capture the lectures so I can listen to them later.

    So I am looking for a software utility that will allow me to plug a microphone in a PC and record the session to the harddrive in MP3 format. Following that, I would like the ability to cut and paste to break up the material in smaller sessions and record them to audio CDs. So I need some editing capability to cut and paste sections together but not necessarily mess with the content.

    Any suggestions? Needless to say I am hoping to round up some tools that are available at no charge.
  2. Furant

    Furant Millennium Member

    Oct 14, 1999
    Roswell, GA
    You can record and edit directly to WAV format with a program called CD Wave. This will also let you save the file as an MP3 if you have installed LAME (LAME_ENC.DLL must be in your path). It is fully functional, but a $15 registration is required for a clear conscience.

    Or if you have Nero for CD Writing, it comes with a WAV editor that can decode and encode MP3s on the fly.


  3. Weaps

    Weaps Drives A Jeep

    Aug 25, 2000
    Downingtown, PA, USA
    What you want is Audacity which is completely free and has muli-track editing capabilities along with some other filters and plugins. It outputs to .wav, .mp3, .ogg, .au, and a number of other sound formats. I've used it to create little radio productions on another site and it works rather well. Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and some other platforms as well.
  4. AAshooter


    Nov 1, 2000
    Thanks for the suggestions. I did find I can do some of what I want to do with my Nero Express. I didn't realize it could do any of that until your suggestion.

    I will have to check out the other applications and see if they will take care of my needs better. Thanks again.
  5. greenlead


    Jul 30, 2004
    NE Indiana