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Mozambique one handed

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by Deaf Smith, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Try it.

    And then try it with the first two shots from the hip level then raise the weapon to eye level for the final shot.

    I've had some very interesting results with this.

  2. oregonshooter


    Jan 26, 2007
    At what distance and on an IPSC type target I assume?

  3. Oregon,

    First start at, as in another thread, 3 yards. Yes a IDPA target. Just using one hand draw and put to in the chest and then raise to eye level and go for the head. I find on raising I tend to move my left leg just a bit back as I lean forward turning my right shoulder toward the target as I fire (right handed.)

    Then move it back to 5 yards. But here, unless you are real good from the hip, bring it up to either eye level or just below, and repeat.

    Unless your gun is very hard kicking, it can be done quite fast.

  4. W4CNG


    Sep 19, 2002
    In the Gun Room
    At 3 yards I can do that with retention from CCW in under 2 seconds strong hand only and punch out for the head shot. At 5 yards I can do that in the same time freestyle (both hands), retention not needed.
  5. oregonshooter


    Jan 26, 2007
    Could you elaborate on the circumstances you see this skill being of value, or link me to the other thread if it has already been discussed?

    I think it's a great training drill as all manipulations are a plus, just not sure how much value it might have in a SD scenario verses 3 COM shots from retention or freestyle given time and distance.

    If you want to, help me envision the scenario.
  6. Oregon,

    Now isn't shooting one handed a very good skill to have? And isn't retention shooting another very good skill to have?

    With the advent of bullet proof vest, drugs, and extremely agitated individuals, you can easily empty your weapon at close range into the torso and get no response, or at least a desirable one.

    Many of us carry lower capacity weapons, from 8 shot .45s to 5 shot wheelguns, and thus spray-n-pray, like the ‘shoot-them –to-the-ground’ advocates, is not a real option.

    And that is why the Mozambique, one handed, is a skill to learn.

  7. oregonshooter


    Jan 26, 2007
    Yes, yes they are. Not sure where I gave you the impression they were not?

    1. BP vest account for how many incidents per year?
    2. What do you call close range? If it is 7 yards and the target is aggressively moving to kick your butt, how's that one handed head shot working for you?
    3. I'm not dismissing the drill, just asking for a scenario (detailed) that you see doing it in. What scenarios give you one hand (strong not weak?) that allows a 1MZB?

    Why is it that more than 7 rounds in the gun makes the shooter a "spray and pray" shooter? Do you turn into one when a G17 is in your hands instead of a 1911?

    What does capacity have to do with the effectiveness of the drill?

    How about this... try the drill on an IPSC swinger at 7 & 15 yards. Try it on a double exposure drop turner at the same yardage.

    How did you do verses 3 to COM? Now try it with airsoft on a real target and record the same results.

    How much time and practice do you think you will need to accomplish 70% head hits on this drill verses 70% COM on all 3 shots?

    How good of an idea is it to dedicate that practice to the drill for the (INSERT BODY ARMOR % HERE) likelihood of running into a BG with BA?

    Like I said... fun drill, just can't see it being one that will be used or having the ability to make the hit on a live adversary. It has potential as a gun manipulation drill, but little as a reality SD shooting tactic IMO.

    And before anyone says it... "it's another tool in the toolbox" is not how professionals stock their box. They decide what tools work, which ones will double for other specialty tools and sort accordingly. :)
  8. It's not just the matter of body armor. It's a failure to stop drill.

    It's a skill to have in case your attacker is unimpressed by your ammo choice, and refuses to fall down in response to your multiple body shots (2 or more).

    If a head shot is possible, it's handy to have the skill to take it.
  9. Exactly.

    Thing is the Mozambique should not be thought of as a two handed shooting method, but a failure to stop solution. And the solution should not be dependent on any exact stance or sighting method.

    And if the pelvis shot is the only one available, instead of a head shot, maybe we could call it a Southern Mozambique as opposed to a Northern one.

  10. oregonshooter


    Jan 26, 2007
    So we are not going to address the elephant in the room... OK, carry on!
  11. The only elephant I see is a red herring about body armor.:elephant: