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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Madmax1010, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Hi

    My wife's Nephew is being transfered to NJ for his job.
    When he cked into getting a carry permit there he was told he could not carry HP's.

    He carries a g23 and he will now carry 180 gr FMJ/FN do any of you carry that instead of HP'S?

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  3. Unless you are a cop or are extremely well connected you will not get a carry permit in NJ. No out of state carry permit is recognized in NJ.

    And yes, if by some luck he gets a permit, carrying hollow points are a no-no. But you can use hollow points in your home for self-defense.

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  4. it would suck to live in NJ and NY

    BG carry all the time but the law abiding citizen cant
  5. Bingo!!!! We have a winner.

    To bad the law makers can't see this.
  6. I believe it's a crime to carry HPs in New Jersery. And it's hard to get a carry permit too.
    But you do what you have to do and if his job takes him there I guess he has to go.
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  7. I live in NJ and know the laws pretty well.

    It is not illegal to own hollow points. They can be used for range and in your house for self defense. However, it is illegal to carry hollow points -- if you can get a carry permit. It is also illegal to use hollow points in a crime.

    LEO's carry hollow points when active, once retired, they are no longer allowed to carry hollow points.
  8. Wow get out!
    It sounds funny to say that. I can't believe that someone made that law.Only in New jerersy.
    Did you know you can get a speeding ticket at a drag strip with a racer car in NJ?
  9. voyager4520

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    If he has any magazines over 15 round capacity he can't take them to NJ, I don't know much more than that about NJ's crazy laws.

    Oh yeah, and something about seagulls. :whistling:
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  10. Correct. Magazines are limited to 15rds (pistols & rifles).

    Autoloading shotguns are limited to 6 rds, no pistol grip. Pump shotguns max 15rds, pistol grip is ok.

    No flash hiders, no threaded barrels, no colapsable stocks, no bayonet lugs. A colapsable stock must be pinned. A muzzle brake/compensator must be pinned/welded permanent. Higher capacity magazines can be pinned/welded to 15 and be compliant (must be permanent).

    No suppressors, no automatic weapons.

    You do not need to register your guns with NJ when you move here. But they do have to be NJ compliant.
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  11. BuckyP

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    EFMJ is a gray area and can be problematic as well. The law is against "dum-dum" bullets (you can't make this up), which is typically defined as any bullet designed to expand.

    To the OP, where in NJ is the job. If it's close enough to the border, consider PA for residency.

    <<--- Works in NJ, lives in PA
  12. DannyR

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    It is also against the law in NJ to pump your own gas.
  13. I'm a LEO in MD. I called a NJ State Police Barrack to ask about out of state LEO carry. The trooper advised me that it did not matter whether one was out of state LEO or not, if I was caught with HP rounds, even though that is my duty ammo, I would go to jail, no questions asked. I feel terrible for the citizens of that state that care for their 2A right. I would not step foot in NJ for ANY reason. Maryland is not much better for citizens, but we are at least out of state LEO friendly, per HR 218.

    I feel sorry for your wife's nephew. Good luck to him.

  14. This.
  15. I was told once by a guy from new jersey ........that if the USA was a human body, new jersey would be the arm pit. Just sayin
  16. Also certain firearms and outlawed by name and brand. I know for sure M1 Carbines are outlawed. Yo can order one straight from the Federal Government (CMP) but they're outlawed in NJ.

    CCW Permits in NJ are very hard to get. Limited to the politically connected or those that are LEOs. I know that even after LEOs retired before LEOSA CCW permits for retired cops was a pain in the ass to get.

    JHP are outlawed for CCW use except for active LEOs and other government agents. Federal's EFMJ is the de facto CCW choice for CCW/LEOSA carry in NJ. I wonder if Cor-bon Glaser Pow'Rball or Glaser Safety Slug is legal for carry.
  17. My co-workers and I were just discussing yesterday how much money it would take for me to move to one of the socialist states up North. I would NEVER EVER move to NJ. Period.

    No job is worth losing my personal liberties.
  18. Also if I remember it's illegal to make "left" turns in NJ. I think everything there is jug-handle turns. Haven't been to NJ in a long while and I'm glad it's been a long while. My family can come down and visit me in Miami. I won't go up to Union.
  19. Actually, I think the particular body part is a little lower and behind :whistling:

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