Most trouble free gun you have less than $600

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by WayneJessie, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. RMTactical


    I had one of those and kind of miss it...

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  2. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Good one, I forgot about my Makarov. Probably the best value in handguns going at the time.

  3. Take your pick. Glocks have been great. Rugers great, Makarov's great, Norinco .45 Great. Beretta 92 great, Smith & Wesson 5906 great. Smith Revolvers, Model 10 times three, great, Ruger Revolvers times seven great!!!! They are all so good and I don't think I ever paid over $500 for one.
  4. That award does not go to my glock 17, but to my former Sig pro 2340. I owned that gun for 10 years shot thousands of rounds and it was 100%.
  5. Haven't had any issues with any handgun in the list below. All were less than $600 except the M9.
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  6. G19. Hands down.

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  7. Warp


    Glock 26, 3rd Gen, manufactured summer 2005.

    Glock 19, 3rd Gen, manufactured spring 2009.
  8. Haldor

    Haldor Retired EE

    Glock 26 Gen 3. Over 4000 rounds without a single malfunction. Fits my hand like I grew it there.

    My G19 was equally reliable, but it never fit my hand quite right (reason why it is my ex-G19).

    My Ruger Mark II is also a dream. Hasn't got the round count that my Ruger Standard had (close to 30K) but it is creeping up on 10K. The Ruger Standard (no mark) is still going strong, I just sold it to a friend.
  9. I have a Glock 19 I know I have put well over 20,000 rounds through since 2001. I stopped counting in like 2006 I think and still shoot it today. No issues what so ever. I would hate to guess but would be easy to say over 50,000 rounds. It's all stock with the addition of extended slide stop.

    And most of the firearms I have purchased have no issues. Think I had a kimber that was crap but it was over $600 bucks.
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  10. Jason D

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    How would you equate dozens of guns that have never malfunctioned?
    It could be any number of revolvers, Sigmas, Glocks, M&P pistols, or even 1911's.
  11. my CZ-83 has been perfect so far. and it was my cheapest too.
    all others have had minor hiccups.
  12. Warp


    Not really.

    OP asked about auto loading. 8th word, 1st sentence, 1st post.

    Revolvers don't really fit the definition of an auto loader.
  13. Butcher

    Butcher NRA Life Member

    Automatically loads another round from the next cylinder after you squeeze the trigger lol

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  14. Warp


    Next round is already loaded. ;)
  15. G19, G22, G23, G26 - zero issues. Also have a Kel Tec P11 that has been great. At $230 the P11 is my all time favorite cheap gun.

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  16. Glock's are above $600 here. Under $600 my Walther P1's
  17. gnepig

    gnepig Remember

    Smith & Wesson Airweight in 38sp, no problems ever...
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  18. Trouble free would be any of the Glocks I have purchased. Best all around would be a used 226.

  19. I've had my 5906 since '92, zero malfunctions. I got that one when the Sheriff decided to let deputy's carry anything they long as what they wanted was a 9mm, hi-capacity, stainless S&W. :whistling:
  20. Sorry guy but I've got y'all in beat... a H&R Topper 88 20gal and a 1978 Glenfield Marling Model 60. I used both as a teen. I know that I put 2000 + rounds thru my H&R 88 before I traded it. It cost $59.99 new at K-mart. The GM 60 I have to had put 10,000 thru it with out a problem. It cost about $50 or $60 in 1978 at K-mart.

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