most expensive glock?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by Justin1911, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. I've been looking into the commerative type glocks lately. Saw a couple of desert storms from $2000-3000 on gunbroker and one listed in the classifieds for $2250 I think. Of course I don't see a long line to buy them, but that's the asking price. Is this one of the rarest glocks? It's certainly the most expensive I've seen.

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  3. If I had to guess,probably Saddam Hussein's Glock 18 that is in the Bush library.
  4. This one has a starting bid of $15,000.00


  5. Any glock in MA... stupid ma gun laws.
  6. MakeMineA10mm

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    I've never seen a Glock sell for over $1500, unless it was one of the 1-of-a-kind commemoratives which Glock themselves auctioned off (Ducks Unlimited, 1,000,000th, 2,000,000th, Statue of Liberty Glock).

    People have funny ideas that they're sitting on gold mines when they're not... The engraved and gold-inlaid ones you see above sold exactly two times... Glock sold them to a distributor, and the distributor (after hawking them at SHOT show and other places for months) sold like 16 out of the 20 made to the guy (dealer) who has been trying to sell them for another couple years now...

    A guy recently e-mailed me about Desert Storm values and scoffed at my estimate. He thought they were worth a couple grand at least. I challenged him to sell it, and he's re-listed the auction 5 or so times now. The only time he got a bid was the first auction, which started at $.01, and he got a couple bids, topping out at $450. His reserve was around $2500... He actually got mad at me for my estimate! I wish he was right, because I'm sitting on a DS and about a dozen more commemoratives (many much more rare than a DS), and I have no illusion what they're worth...

    If you look at my sig line (same on all the boards I frequent), you know I advertise as a buyer. I get e-mails frequently, and often disappoint (or even anger) people for my estimates, but I have cash and am willing to pay a reasonable premium, while they're looking for someone who has too much cash and doesn't care what something is worth, just that they get to buy it...
  7. I agree 100% I don't really want any gun that cant or shouldn't be shot especially not for 10,000+ NO THANKS
  8. MakeMineA10mm

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    I'd actually like to have it, but these have grown from their original price of $2500 to $5000, and now $10Gs? Must be the price of gold going up?!? I just don't get it -- they couldn't sell them at $5000, and now they think people will plunk down $10G???

    All of my commemoratives are NIB, except one, which the previous owner carried and shot. (That choice cost him about $350, which is how much more I'd have paid if it was NIB.)

    I have plenty of Glocks that I use for shootin'; no sense in shooting collectibles and losing all the extra value.
  9. Only special one I have is a 25th ann. 17, I have no plans on shooting it, but do not think it will be worth 1000+ either.
  10. i have 6 17s of various configurations and 1 21c,2 more gen 3s coming (lots of rooms) and they are all priceless
  11. TSAX


  12. So why is gold inlay costs 14.500????
  13. I can't resist-and it's an "E" series serial!

    Best, Jon
  14. RedHaze

    RedHaze Handgunner

    1 has some doozys.

    $2,099.00 :faint:




  15. Doesn't all of the above go against everything that a Glock stands for: Brutally simple with no unnecessary thrills?
  16. Id say my g17 rtf2 is one of the most expensive. wouldn't let it go for less than a million.
    But in all seriousness if Saddam's glock 18 ever went to auction it would prolly be the most expensive Glock to sell. I doubt it will ever make its way to the market, being a piece of American history.
  17. Those are truly horrible. Thanks for sharing. :D
  18. MakeMineA10mm

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    Yes, that's why we're interested... (You do realize you are in the Collector's Club, right? :cool: We like this weird stuff!)

    I have a dozen or two Glocks that I use, and use hard. None of them are rare and collectible, though. They're run-of-the-mill "usin'" Glocks. I also have a couple dozen collectibles which reside in the safe until I get my display room built...

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