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Mossberg 930

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Ragnar, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. After much consideration I got a Mossberg 930HD this weekend. I like the way it shoots and it points well. I finally got tired of my 870; I'm left-handed and I don't think I ever got more than 3 rounds in a row off without a failure to eject. I know what causes it; when a lefty cycles the action the muscles turn the gun so that the ejection port is angled up vice down like a righty would turn it. Result is failure to eject.

    So I went semi-auto. Now its time to look for accessories. Got any links for mag tubes, light mounts and such?
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    Mar 4, 2009
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  3. m24shooter


    Jan 21, 2009
    I've got a lot of info on accessories for the 930 SPX, which is basically the same as the HD for practical purposes here:
    I like the Nordic mag extensions. Choate is ok and is the OEM unit, but the finish isn't that great, and they've had some QC issues with the transition are between the extension and the mag tube, and some have been canted.
    For light mounts you would be better off using a mag tube extension and clamp system. There are several out there. CDM has some good units, and I believe he is making one that will fit the Mossberg or it already does. I use the Nordic, which is a great system. The Streamlight version is pretty good too. They have one that clamps around the extension tube, and another that will fit under the standard mag tube cap.
    You have several options on bolt knobs. Mossberg has one that they are supposed to release, but when I checked a few weeks ago it still wasn't available. Nordic has a nice one, and Elite Tactical Advantage has one and will be coming out with a second model. Choate has the big gigantic one. If you can find the NOB from Gun Connection it is the best one I've used. But that may be difficult since it isn't made anymore.
    Stocks you are currently limited on. The standard and the pistol grip version. With Mossbergs the PG stocks can be difficult due to safety positioning. There may be another option coming out.
    With a tapped receiver you can do all kinds of sighting options.
    Safeties are Vang, Mossberg metal, Brownells, Elite Tactical, and CavArms.
    If you want a sling you're going to have add a front sling point. You can do this several ways, depending on how you want to set it up.
    For sidesaddles, you can go with the TacStar 870 4 round version and mod it to keep the shotgun light and maneuverable. You can get the TacStar 6 round 930 version that just came out. You can also get a 3 Gun Gear velcro version. The Mesa has had problems with making the 930 be nonfunctional, so be aware of that potential problem.
    I will be updating that review here pretty soon with some more info. I have been waiting on one particular item and it hasn't made it to me yet.
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    :holysheep: Outstanding review,........THANKS! :supergrin:
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    I have went with GG&G front sling mounts for my shotguns to include the 930 SPX and am happy. I have only done Mossberg shotguns so far (500,590, and 930) but when I do my 870 I will use them again.
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    Jan 21, 2009
    No prob. Glad you like it.