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Mossberg 930 spx

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by South_american_glocker, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Truckee

    Truckee Aging Goat

    Jul 17, 2005
    Shenandoah Valley

  2. Did you buy one or are you going to buy?
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  3. If your going to buy one when let me know and I’ll tell you a few things to look out for.
  4. stopatrain

    stopatrain Lifetime Member

    Aug 28, 2005
    Mine had crooked sights, Mossberg fixed them. Has been 100% with all ammo.
  5. Hedo1


    Oct 1, 2007
    SE Pennsylvania
    I bought a 930SPX last summer. Loved it at the shop. Felt great in my hands and on my shoulder. Price was right too. I think I paid $540 our the door in PA.

    Couple of issues from Day 1. Mag tube would not always hold rounds securely. You'd put a few in and it would decide to let them all fly out. Second issue is it would double feed. I'd load the tube and then it would feed two into the reciever and jam the action. Third issue was a falure to eject in which I felt was related to the feed issue. All of this happened in the first 200 rounds and after a detail cleaning.

    Called Mossberg. No help at all. They told me to send it back. I asked for a shipping label they said if it's faulty they would pay the shipping and the repairs, if it was something I did I have to pay. I told them you have to be kidding me, it's brand new. They said they would send a mag tube spring first to see if that works. It never came.

    Finally called up and Bi$%#ed and moaned to a supervisor. He apologized profusely and sent me a label via e mail to send it back. I shipped it to them and had it back 4 days after it was recieved. A number of parts were replaced. No charge at all.

    Final review. I've fired at least 500 rds thru it since then. Light bird shot, light buck, heavy buck shot (2.75 and 3") and slugs of all kinds. I bought a rifled barrel for it too. Absolutely no issue. Loves the standard speed rifled slugs as opposed to the high power and is very accurate. Shoots slugs from the smoothbore almost as well. Points great, shoots great, to me has a very fast action. I love the sights too.

    I'd buy one again but be prepared to sort out some problems if it's new. Mossberg didn't have to be so difficult with their Customer Service or I wouldn't have *****ed at all. Heck I own 3 Mossbergs now.
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  6. beaversgs


    Dec 3, 2001
    Boone, NC
    I really like mine. I bought it used and after a good cleaning it runs cheap birdshot reliably.

  7. gunsnhoses


    Jan 30, 2008
    I have one. I like it alot.
  8. Thanks everbody for share. A friend offer me one. I tested today at the range and works great. I love it and buy it without hesitation.

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  10. beaversgs


    Dec 3, 2001
    Boone, NC
    Congratulations! Looks a lot like mine:) Let us know how you like it after you shoot it more.

  11. I have one.. Had to go back to Mossberg for the "binding bolt" issue but they fixed it and shipped it back very quickly.

    I did have to pay to ship to them though. Overall I would buy it again.
  12. F_G


    Jan 11, 2010
    Crown King, AZ
    Here is something I had posted before concerning my experience with the 930SPX.

    Life has been good after I got rid of the 930, great concept, just not executed very well. I've got 2 Benelli M1 Super 90's, I've had for years, one I use for hunting with a 26" barrel and one is the tactical model, truly great shotguns. Mossberg gave it a noble effort and their attempt at keeping them affordable is admirable, the magazine spring and stripped screw for the rail were fixable and liveable, but after the plastic transfer bar housing broke, that was the last straw.
  13. I have to disagree with this post. Saying it was a "noble effort" implies that it was a disaster out of the box. Many many many people love them. Not exactly a "noble effort". More of a "success" (ongoing for that matter). You just may have gotten a bad one.
  14. captcurly


    Sep 14, 2008
    Southern Delaware
    I have had my Mossy 930SPX for a couple of years. The weapon is reliable and I have had no issues or probems with it. IMHO it is the best bang for you buck. I really enjoy shooting it My 930SPX has the standard stock because it works for me.
  15. Aceman


    Nov 30, 2008
    I do not own one. However, it does appear that you can learn something from the intarweb sometimes.

    Based on a casual observation of the comments about this gun, I'd say:

    Overall, it's a great gun ion every way. However, there are definitely some QC/QA issues with either overall assembly or some of the parts. If you get a good one, or get it corrected, once it is running right it's great. But be aware it might not, but consider it appears they get fixed free/cheap.
  16. megawatt

    megawatt Electron maker

    Feb 2, 2011
    Las Vegas
    Mine has been a good running gun the last two years. A lot of gun for the money for sure. I did not have any QC issues to deal with.

    I would not call it a problem, it is more of knowing the SPX ability and limitations. I have learned my SPX has a minimum fps rating needed to remain 100% reliable... Low recoil ammo at 1150 fps will result in 80% at cycling the fresh shell for firing again. 1200 fps and faster my SPX will cycle perfectly. Inexpensive birdshot is at least 1200fps and my SPX never has issues with the value low cost birdshot.
  17. Again, thank you all for your feedback.
    In the test day, I shoot about 10 rounds of shotshell # 7 (32gr)
    last sunday, I shot about 50 rounds more, and about 25 000 buck without problem.

    but, does not feed with trap shell (# 5 24gr)

    Of course, I understand, with a 18.5" of cylinder barrel certanly it's not a trap shotgun, so, I'm happy with it. I think it works fine with hot loads, which it is the main reason I buy it.

    I really hope, not have neither one single problem, because, on this side of the world, I can't access to mossberg

    Again, thanks everybody!
  18. Another question: Somebody change this stock (choate pistol grip) to a standard stock (not choate neither pistol grip)?
    any advice?