Mossberg 500 comfort?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by AaronL, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Hi y'all, I've been wanting to buy a new SG at the end of february so I've been looking at some options. I've kinda landed on a mossberg 500 tactical, you know the ones with the m4 style stock. My question was how it felt to shoot one, I've been in a bad car wreck which messed my shoulder up pretty good and makes shooting a wood stock shotgun hard. Was just wondering sense I shoot alot of ARs if having a more familiar set up would reduce the effect.

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  2. The pistol style hand grip will let your hand/wrist take some of the recoil instead of it all going to your shoulder

  3. OP, look at the Knoxx/Blackhawk SPec-Ops stock, or the Mesa Tactical adapters with the Endine buffer installed. The Knoxx stock isn't cheap at $100 or so, and the Mesa is even LESS cheap, but either one can be a great way to reduce felt recoil. The down side is that a pistol-grip stock makes it somewhat more difficult to use the controls (safety and bolt release) on the 500 series Mossbergs.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I did a little research and the Mesa seems to be the way to go... At some point lol the spec ops seem to have a lot of people saying it's rough on the cheek, im thinking basic 500 tactical for now and a Mesa stock during the summer. Anyone here use a Mesa?
  5. I put a Knoxx strait comb stock on a 12ga years ago for my son when he was only 12 yrs old and first time he shot it, he went through several boxes of shells and he had no complaints. It really takes the bite out of the 12ga. Liked it so much, I picked one up another stock on ebay for the home defense SG.

    It does feel a bit strange with the stock rubbing against your face when you have a cheek weld. I think if butt section was extended futher forward for the cheek weld, it would help the design. I never had and problem with chafing or brusing or anything of the sort. Just not the usual feel I'm use to.

    I haven't tried the pistol grip Knoxx stock. It is suppose to reduce the recoil even further.
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  6. The pistol grips make the safety on the Mossberg very awkward and takes big plus for the Mossberg and turns it into a negative.
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    If you have shoulder issues, I would recommend a semiauto, like the 930.

    They'll kick considerably less.
  8. Very good point. Pistol grip best left to an 870.
  9. A pistol grip doesn't belong on a mossberg 500 and no it will not reduce recoil. If you "brace for it" you won't be able to hit the broad side of the barn with it. Get a 20 gauge mossberg and add a nice soft recoil pad and you will be good to go.

    The hardest hitting basterd I've shot is my Mossberg 500 with 1 ounce slugs, makes my 6.5lb 30-06 feel like a nerf gun. Don't put your shoulder at risk for further injury. AR's don't even really have any recoil to speak of, you mentioned that in your post... a 12 gauge is way more violent. 20 gauge is nice though, and if you just want a home defense type setup that would work well.

    Shotgun loads vary bigtime in felt recoil though... bird shot and game loads won't kill you in a 12g but is that what you want at your bedside? maybe you do maybe you don't... just warning you that the heavy slugs will beat your wounded shoulder up.
  10. A pistol grip alone sucks on any shotgun.

    A pistol grip type stock, whether it be a Benelli style or adjustable AR style will reduce felt recoil in your shoulder because the hand grip will take some of it.

    As far as the safety being a bit harder to get to with a pistol grip style stock....true, but hell I shoot and carry Glocks so the safety is between my ears and in keeping my finger out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot. I keep the safety on the shotgun when it's sitting or while walking or carrying it, but when I think I'll be shooting it, the safety comes off easy enough well before I even start aiming and goes back on when I'm done shooting. I'm not the type that keeps the safety on up until just before I pull the trigger.
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    1. The JBT's

    I have the Knoxx breach grip on a Serbu Super Shorty 870.

    You can shoot it one handed!

    Love this grip.
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    The personal attacks stop or the thread does.

    You've been warned.
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    1. The JBT's


    They certainly have their place.

  14. Ok, I take that back. On a breaching shotgun they are fine :supergrin:

    That sight has got to be a bit awkward to use though
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    Not at all. It has no sights otherwise and I carry it on duty as a "patrol shotgun" so I have to qual with it at the same distances as the 18" guns folks have.

    That EOTech is a little lifesaver.
  16. And if your optic does down? What do you do then? Charge them with the Breacher barrel? :tongueout:
  17. Nope, rotate the gun about 15 degrees and use the side of the receiver next to the mount to sight down the barrel :supergrin:
  18. Even without the dot you still have the target "pictureframed" and I will bet a good "operator" has practiced for that situation and knows where it groups in the "frame".
  19. I have a 500 Mossberg crusader, it was a pistol grip shotgun but I attached a tactical collapsible buttstock. It takes some time and practice to deal with the safety but is not a deal breaker. The comfort in your shoulder all depends of what load your shooting like someone said earlier. Personally I live in townhouse and I load my shotgun first shell is a #4 bird shot, follow by another of the same, then 00 buck, 3 of these and the rest slugs. Good luck and they are fine options for buttstock that can reduce the recoil extensively.

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  20. I know that I was just giving him a hard time. :supergrin:

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