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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Jakestir, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. What the title says. Looking to get a mosin is there anything specific that I need to know?

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  3. Thatit is not worth more than about $75, and that you shouldn't pay more than $150.

    Also - "Sniper" rifles for $400+ are probably NOT actual sniper rifles.

    Can be good to check the bore. But clean bore is not why you get one.

    Some like matched a parts - - again, whatever.

  4. Are you looking for a fun to shoot half way cheap rifle that makes a big boom?

    Are you looking for an accurate, reliable, user friendly, proven platform?

    The Mosin is one of those, but not the other.
  5. Lol im looking for a cheap rifle that goes boom when I pull the trigger and doesn't blow up in my face.

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  6. I guess I would have to disagree based on my experience and say the Mosin is both of those.
  7. RJ 71

    I love mine, inexpensive surplus ammo is still around and mine is as accurate as I am. Which isn't really saying much :).
  8. First they are over priced at the moment like everything else. If you can wait a couple more months I think they will come down more. More importantly if you think you may like Surpluss type rifles, get your 03 C&R FFL. It costs $30 for three years and you can order these rifles to your door through the mail. You will save $30 or more on each one you buy.

    Read this for info

    I've bought a few Surpluss rifles this year and saved about $100 on each of them buying direct. Dealers mark up good around here.

    If you just want a shooter, the bore is most important. If you are collecting, you want a excellent condition bore with all matching non forced numbers. Numbers are on the receiver, bolt, mag bottom and but plate. Non counter bored rifles are more collectible than counter bored. A counter bored gun will still shoot very well if the barrel is very good or better. Look for a shinny bore without pitting/ rust. Beware of cheap snipers- they are not real, many are being made into snipers now with reproduction scopes/ mounts.

    When you get a rifle, if the bolt sticks on closing on a round, clean the chamber with mineral spirits. Often these were fired with some cosmoline in the chamber. This cooks it in and makes the bolts tougher to operate on a chambered round.

    Just to give you an idea of prices, last year I picked up a Russian M44 excellent condition for $100, and a matching bent bolt gun for $150. I feel I over paid for the bent bolt, but I wanted it. These guns are very strong and will take a beating.

    If you want a great one look for a Finish Mosine. These will not be matching numbers, but are thought of as the best shooters.

    Good luck

    Ps look at the Surplus rifle forums.....
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  9. Thanks for the info. I got a line on one for $75

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  10. $75 is a good price as long as its not too beat up. Check the barrel. I would think twice if its dark or pitted. Bring a cleaning rod with you and ask if you can clean it. Sometimes dark bores are just lined with cosmoline and dirt. Look for strong rifling. Also look to. The muzzle ends rifling to make sure it's strong. The steel cleaning rods did a lot of damage.
  11. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    Iraqveteran8888 has a bunch of really in depth vids on YouTube. Well worth the watch.

    The Truth About Guns blog has some really good articles.

    I love mine. It's a hoot.
  12. A buddy of mine bought one about a year ago. He hates it. He never shoots it anymore and offered it to me for $50. Too bad I already have some Chinese/Japanese British 303 shootin POS. One worthless long gun is enough for me.
  13. Haven't watched it but saw this on Hickok45' channel last night.

    [ame=""]Mosin Nagant - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Again - for $75 do you really care?
  15. One of my favorites to shoot! You really can't go wrong with a Mosin for a fun time shooting.
  16. Most fun you can have for the money!

    My LGS had a deal running for months - octagonal barreled Mosin, bayonet, peripherals, 440 rounds of tin-sealed ammo for under $200.

    Addtl 440 rounds avail at $120/tin.

    Now, this is the old ComBloc corrosive stuff, so you need to be aware of cleaning rituals after firing, but the stuff goes bang. And there is nothing to go wrong with a Mosin. The bolts are tanks, the rest of the weapon stone-axe simple with easy takedown. Youtube is your friend here.

    One word of caution NOT mentioned in the Youtubes...the trigger pin can fall out which ends up locking the bolt in place and bricking the Mosin. Yes, personal experience...

    But for a fun piece of military history, Mosins can't be beat, even at the relatively high prices now.

    IMHO, get Russian if you can, but Chinese are all over the place. No idea about the Finnish versions.
  17. Finish are the best especially the M39. The Russian are good to go also but all the China one's I've seen were junk.
  18. The Chinese type 53 carbines are the most likely to be in the absolute worst condition. However, if you get one in nice shape that doesn't have a shot-out barrel, they are very good rifles.
  19. People who can't shoot iron sights don't like Mosins. A Mosin will do as well as any other regular rifle out there if you take standing shots at 100-150 yards. Shooting a Mosin or any other vintage military rifle off a bench to try and create small groups on paper at 100 yds or 50 yds is a curious sport. Like buying a surplus school bus to practice parallel parking techniques.

    The 203 grain brown bear soft point load will stretch out a deer.

    Finnish rifles shoot best. Polish and Chinese carbines are best. Everything else is everything else.
  20. This!

  21. Man I remember in the 90s you could buy an excellent one with a 440 round tin for $90. The more you bought the cheaper they got.

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