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Mosin Nagant Info! Got something to add? Post it here!

Discussion in 'Military Surplus Forum' started by jonathon, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. Vic303

    Vic303 Senior Member

    Mar 15, 2003
    Got a 91/30 and had the mag follower break. Got a giant parts pack from TAPCO for CHEAP! Needed 1 part, and got like 64 various parts! Anyway, TAPCO also included a 5pack of nice repro stripper clips. They look a LOT like the Russian ones in the pic above, but have small retaining tabs on the ends. I will try to get a pic and post it. The stripper did fit into the grooves on my MN very nicely. Have not yet tried it with ammo on the clip though.
  2. 97guns


    Jan 9, 2005
    find me
    heres some production numbers for m39's

    sako - 59,278
    vkt - 38,990
    B barrel - 12,889
    SK.Y - 10,588
    tikka - 5,000
    '67-'70 no maker - 5,171 with '69 being the toughest with only around 500 made.

  3. Mogasatator


    Dec 11, 2005
    Just got the dies for my nagant for reloading...Anyone here reloadong for their nagant? What powder you using?
  4. Mogasatator


    Dec 11, 2005
    I have determined that Nagants are not a true 7.62 or .308. My sierra reload book points out that the bore size is really .311. I have measured one to be .312. With this in mind, a .308 bullet would be too sloppy and loose for any accuracy. I have found that the British .303 bullet is a .3105 to .311. The same as the Nagant. If you reload, stay away from using the American 7.62 cal or .308 and go to the British 303 for a more accurate bullet for the nagant. I hear that Sierra may be making the Nagant .311 bullet for reloaders but if found to be expensive you can alway use the .303 Brit.
  5. hogship

    hogship It's MY Island

    My Lyman manual says that some rifles shoot .308 sized bullets just, I suppose some bore diameters are undersized???? Probably so.....could there be any other reason for it?

  6. sharpshooter

    sharpshooter Member Millennium Member

    Dec 25, 1999
    My 1939 Russian 91/30 shoots .311" 180gr Sierra SPTs with great accuracy using IMR 4064.

  7. 1811guy

    1811guy Formerly1811guy2

    May 1, 2001

    Looks like CTD still has them - these are usually original Russian stripper clips. 10 is all you need for the range (14.99)They work great.
  8. Teej


    Oct 16, 2008
    I know nothing about these, but I was offered one this week for $100. It is a Russian made. The numbers on the bolt do not match the numbers on the gun. The but plate on the stock has a brand new, bright shiny philips head screw in it that is too big. And the stock has a crack clean through from one side to the other at the bottom of the shoulder but part of the stock.

    Question, is this a good price?

    Also, I have seen pictures of the aftermarket replacement stocks and there appears to be a lot more of the barrel showing when the gun is in the new stock which to me means that the barrel is not supported as much as in the original stock. Does these new stocks affect accuracy? Are these still 6-800 yrd weapons with the aftermartket stocks?

    Also, as explained to me, the biggest issue with the corrosive ammo is not in the barrel or chamber which is very easy to clean, But inside the bolt and firing pin area where a lot of people forget to clean? Is the Wold ammo non-corrosive and can you make 600 yrd shots with it?

    Thank you. Again, I do not know anything about these so I appreciate your help.
  9. jklm015


    Jan 4, 2010
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  10. nagant123


    Aug 9, 2010
    try stacking your stripper clips one lip over the next and put in with the bullets pointing slightly up. these guns are very accurate and fun to shoot. powerful bullet and no felt recoil
  11. 1811guy

    1811guy Formerly1811guy2

    May 1, 2001
    Wow! This link is still good. Just ordered 10 more stripper clips. They are Izchevsk (sp) marked. Only ones I have found that will actually work with my 91/30's.

    I checked out the how rare is your 91/30 link. This helped identify what I have as well. I have two Chinese T53 rifles with matching numbers, a Dragoon era Tula (dated 1926 - I actually bought it because it has a solid stock - no laminations or splicing - and it has a tiger striped pattern to boot), and a very common Izhevsk 91/30 from 1944.

    Very cool rifles considering they were just meant to be mass manufactured on the cheap for the least experienced soldier.
  12. USDefender

    USDefender Lay Them Waste!

    Jul 8, 2005