Morning hog hunt success

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  1. BicycleDay43

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    Well, this morning was my father and I's last day hunting wild texas hogs on a ranch about an hour and 1/2 east of San Antonio by Gonzalez, Tx. My dad had already gotton his 2 pigs yesterday, one with a Marlin 30-30 and the other with a Savage 22-250. (Both of which belonged to the ranch workers, as our main rifle, a sporterized swedish mauser was experiencing countless problems). So we went to a part of the woods where most most of the hogs tend to group up and within a few minutes spotted a group of average sized hogs. Within 15 minutes I racked my 2 kill limit. The first one was shot between the nose and the eye with that same Savage 22-250. The second was blasted directly in the spine a few inches behind the neck, only a few minutes later with the same weapon. Both went out like a light almost instantly and both were huddled in a group of about 20 other hogs. Overall it was loads of fun as I'd never shot anything more than a rattlesnake and a rabbit in my lifetime.

    Here's myself with my kills:


    Hog #1 (Shot in the face right near the eye)


    Hog #2 (Hit in the spine)



    Me and my Dad, who was nice enough to bring my on this trip:


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  3. BicycleDay43

    BicycleDay43 00 Buck dude

    Ill have about 3 pictures up by tomorrow. My network is being a pos on my phone.

    I also have a of the pictures is the second hog dead on the ground with a pretty gnarley bullet wound in the spine and a river of blood coming towards the camera. Will this be too graphic to upload?

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  4. Dalton Wayne

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    Congrats I took two on November 20th with my AK 47
    Hunting photos should be fine
    here's mine

  5. Congrats

    btw: we have hogs on our property in the adjacent county near Rosanky. We trap them when we can.
  6. Congrats on the harvest. Where do you live? Most places don't have limits on feral pigs.

    Sounds like a nice Xmas roast is coming up.
  7. good eating
  8. BicycleDay43

    BicycleDay43 00 Buck dude

    I live in Albuquerque but we were hunting in Texas. By limit I mean the limit that the ranch has. :wavey:

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  9. BicycleDay43

    BicycleDay43 00 Buck dude

    Pictures are up on my original post!
  10. Tvov

    Good stuff!
  11. Same here, don't know of any county in tx that has set limits on hogs on public lands. As far as I know, no public hunting grounds exist in Gonzales County either. Also mlpd don't exist for hogs sense these animals are not considered game animals.

    If you wanted to kil 1, 2 or 22 hogs, nobody would care, they would probably give you a reward and invited you downtown Gonzales meat market for some good BBQ :rofl:
  12. Travclem

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    This one got stuck with a Muzzy broadhead the day after Christmas.
  13. Japle

    Japle John, Viera, Fl

    Lots of hogs here in Florida, too. This is my third and smallest one, shot running flat-out at about 15 feet. The brush was so thick he didn't see me until it was too late.


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