Morganton 2013 Finals Are Posted!

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by DannyR, May 13, 2013.

  1. DannyR

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    Congrats to all!:wavey:

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  2. Woo Hoo! Random Pistol for me! Be right back, need to buy lottery ticket tonight!

  3. Glockrunner

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    Hey that is great! Oh wait a minute, was that MY random gun you won?:shocked:
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  4. Glockrunner

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    Congratulations to you too Danny. Your new team took 1st in Am Civ!
  5. Congrats!!!

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  6. I got my first prize, a two-year membership renewal. Thanks GSSF, and congrats to the other winners.
  7. No I got my own and you still have yours. Congrats to you too.

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  8. 1st - Congratulations to you!

    I'll see your random pistol award and raise you a random $50 award. :)

    What are you considering? I'm thinking about a G20 or G20c, I haven't settled yet.
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  9. I see one lady hit both a random gun AND the New Shooter gun, which is also a random gun amongst the new shooters and the people who brought them.

    SHE is the one who needs to go out and buy a lottery ticket!
  10. What about with the Gen4 G20??
  11. Hey SARDG - I am thinking about that too. A buddy of mine has a G20C and I want to shoot that before making a decision. I have a G23c RTF2 - I like the compensated models.

    Hopefully I won't have to wait as long as you have to get your G20! I assume you are talking about a Gen4 as well?
  12. I waited ~6 months for the Gen4 G20 - a not so popular gun. I imagine the 20C fits that category as well.

    A 20C should be an earfull, but you can always put a non-ported barrel or the 6" hunting barrel in it - if the frame fits you well.
  13. Well neighbor, I'm not done winning randoms, so I'm not ready to fold. (but not in a position to see your raise either. Well done.)

    I want a 34!

    Currently I have a 17 & 19 and shoot the 17 at both GSSF and Steel Challenge. I thought about getting something that would open up another division to me or something other than 9mm but I keep coming back to the 34.

    Some time in the future you may see me shooting the 17 in Am Civ and the 34 in Competition.

    A 20 or 21 would be my second choice.

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  14. :goodpost:

    I hope I'm not done with the randoms either because I have a lot of improving to do and am a long ways from earning a performance award, that is evident :whistling:

    I use the Gen 4 17 in Am Civ, 35 in Am Comp, and Gen 4 21 in Am HM. Since Morganton, I can now add Am Sub and Major Sub. with my 30s.

    :embarassed: I may have a Glock addiction.
  15. I don't mind making some noise every now and again! :)

    As I was doing research awhile back I ran through your post here on GT about your wait. I'm patient though, since the Gen 4 recently came out that may be the way to go (and somewhat available).
  16. Pay no attention to me, I'm a whiner... Used to be that Danny would get on here and tell us to quit whining about free guns and the wait, but I think he's been busy lately. :supergrin:

    I put 50 rounds of factory 200gr FMJ through it to test it's reliability and then took that completely unmodified/unpolished G20 to a GSSF match and shot HM. No hickups, but it's a handful as I'm used to shooting my 9mil powder puff reloads whenever I can.
  17. DannyR

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    I'm watching you.:wavey:
  18. Glockrunner

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    Oh NO, not Kitty an' the Whip again?????:rofl:
  19. :embarassed: Oh yeah... that picture that Danny posted of me with him last year really got folk's attention. :) :eyelashes:
  20. Don At PC

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    What Picture?


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