Morganton 2013 Debriefing & Photo Thread.

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by DannyR, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. DannyR

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    I'm heartbroken that I'm working in Roanoke today, and not shooting at Morganton. Please post your stories and photos here.:wavey:

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  2. And I am heartbroken that I shot as poorly as I did. Those darn plates were welded in position.

    But I had fun nonetheless.


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  3. The weather was absolutely perfect for the match today. Cool this morning, but warmed up nicely this afternoon. Bob and I had a good time, we shot okay, but I know I left room for improvement.

    The RO's worked very hard. The golf cart rides to and from the range are an added touch I hope they NEVER get rid of.

    Thanks to everyone for putting on another good match! Thanks to Scott and the GSSF gang for all of their hard work as well.

    I'm hoping to see some pictures on here pretty soon!
  4. Glockrunner

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    And you did so well on the 5 to GLOCK, dang!
  5. legacy38

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    As usual, Morganton put on a clinic for how to run a match. I is in and out in less than an hour. One RO was even quickly explaining the range command sequence before a shooters first string.


    As for my shooting, that pride thing showed up just before the fall.... again.

    Going into my last stage, the plates, I was at 38.xx in Competition and 43.xx in Guardian. The plates are usually best stage. I thought today would be the day I broke the 60 barrier.

    Well, I fell apart on the plates to the point that I actually left one standing. I was at a 67.xx in Guardian and a 70.xx in Competition to end the day. I'll check my scores again when I get back home. Right now I am drowning my sorrows in a hamburger.
  6. Another great match.

    Final total about 640.
  7. DannyR

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    Darn, I was hoping Morganton would beak 700.
  8. Glockrunner

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    Sunday wa cool and drab I heard. No rain but overcast.
    I heard the same numbers earlier too.
  9. DannyR

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    There were 669 entries last year.
  10. legacy38

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    It was a little cool but bright and sunny when I was on the range from 1000 to 1100.
  11. Glockrunner

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    Nottoo bad with the ammo situation and fear it drags around with it.
  12. My dad and I arrived around 11:30 today and registered for entries 635-637. Not sure how many walk ups showed after that.

    I had a slight problem in when I ended up at my last stage I had 2 labels for the same entry left instead of one for each. Since I was shooting 17 civ/comp it didn't matter too much but I'm not sure what flag that might throw when they tab up the results.

    I notified the RO and they brought over someone from glock ( Chris maybe?) and he said no big deal since the rule set was the same. Checking my score sheets on glock m the RO wrote comp17 on both of my score sheets so I guess it just slipped by both of us. My fault for not verifying, hopefully it doesn't cause problems.

    I was more consistent today with both of my entries being within 6 seconds which makes me feel like I've improved in the year since my first ever gssf match at morganton last year.

    I wish I could shoot at morganton 4 times a year and not just because its only 30 minutes away. I would say the same even if it were 3 hours away. Can they get outdoor match of the year 2 years on the trot?
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  13. Wonderful match. Friendly RO's. Very efficient.

    Arguably the best match I shoot all year (16 matches in 2012).

    GSSF's Justin, Bryan, Scott - Awesome.

    Very little standing around. All RO's familiar with rules.
    Shooting 3 bays (M and 5 to G) simultaneously.

    VERY well run match!

    Thanks to Burke County Sheriff Whisenant, the Narcotics Task Force, the Sheriff's Staff, and all the volunteers!!!

  14. I agree the only thing that kept them from setting a new record was the ammo problem.

    Which is the same problem everywhere you go.

    For those of you who remember the old Statesville, NC GSSF match.

    They lost their old, leased property to development which is why that match moved to Morganton in the first place.

    Perry W., the organizer at Statesville, was at Morganton.

    He said that the Statesville club is trying to buy some new property and rebuild their club.

    If so, we may eventually see a revival of that old Statesville match in the years ahead, as well as Morganton and the new Prospect Hill matches.
  15. Alan from Glock also brought some training guns along with a training area for "new shooters"! Big thumbs up!!

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  16. I missed that, that sounds awesome.

    I love this match so much, and it's not just the golf carts ferrying you back and forth. I wish all matches could be arranged in a circle with you in the middle. You're never more than 50 feet from a stage and that speeds things up a lot.

    I went on Sunday around 9:30, signed up for all stages then squadded at 5 o' Glock and Glock M first. The only wait was plates because they had backed up despite converting the practice one into a real stage. I finished both of my rounds by 11:45, so I was happy.

    I'd also like to recommend the Sleep Inn right off I-40 on Sterling Rd. It was only 60$ with a free hot breakfast and the rooms were decent.
  17. Match was well run as always. I shot poorly for the most part but had a lot of fun and got to meet the famous Wei Young. Very nice lady, talked a little shooting stratagey with her. And got lost on the way home!
  18. DannyR

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    Alan Ramsey, Director of Training and GSSF brought the training pistols. Thank you, Alan.
  19. Thanks DannyR for giving Alan his full title as I had posted the other from my phone. Alan and I had discussed the subject of training new shooters @ Prospect Hill. So, I was thrilled to see the training pistols and "new shooter" area @ Morganton. I hope that it becomes a regular sight at all GSSF matches.:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  20. DannyR

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    Thanks for discussing your great idea with Alan. All new shooters will benefit from your suggestion.:wavey:

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