more proof unions suck balls

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  2. Educate yourself. Inflation is not the consequence of wages only. Like it or not, the raising of price by a producer is no different than employee's working together to raise their own wages/compensation. The cost are equally carried by the consumer. The employee is no more to be expected to donate his labor/skills than the producer is to be expected to donate his product.

  3. The failure of the U.S. auto industry lies entirely with the company management who fiddled around producing the same old out of date designs rather than anticipating market demands. Companies like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc., correctly produced products consumers wanted to buy while GM, Ford, etc., kept right on producing the cars grandfather bought... until the U.S. taxpayer bailed them out.
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    They're already here. Their subsidiary is a that very large store with a lot of blue color.

    By the way, I nominate the rest of your text as post of the month.
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    I work for SEPTA and my union is very good to me and has gotten us more money every contract and great medical benefits. I can't even be called to the office about a company violation even if it's just a verbal without a union rep present. I have never been called to the office but just saying my union fights for us everyday.
  6. You must not say such things. You must trust the company to do what is right... according to the law. If you should be so unfortunate as to encounter the one in a million employer who abuses the law, then you must trust the legal system to give you relief. Of course if it takes 5 or 10 or 20 years for you to get that relief, that's your problem. Or, if you are not able to afford the cost of seeking that relief in court, that is again your problem. Nevertheless, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that no matter how it turns out, you did everything on your own... because if you decided to join with other employees to try together to better take care of your rights under the law... well you mustn't do such thing! It's... it's... not right! It means the company will not be free to do as it pleases. It means the company will have to actually obey the law. And you know that isn't right... now is it?
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  8. Yes, we should all buy cheap Wal-Mart products. Those Chinese children will show the unions who's boss. Then those kids can pay for our social security and, umm, wait how's that gonna work? OK, That commie Chinese government who we are empowering every day with billions of our dollars are gonna show the unions who's boss, yeah, then we'll be happy.
    Right on. USA, USA. We're the best.
    Boycott unions, they can't even compete with chinese slave children. Who the hell do they think they are anyway. Scumbags.

  9. ...and welfare was a good idea once, still like that one too?

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  10. "...and welfare was a good idea once, still like that one too?"

    Proof that some even as adults, some folks are severely lacking in basic reasoning skills, ability to make and understand comparisons, etc.
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  11. Unions remind me of another great idea in history, very similar actually.

    Heroin was developed to help people break the addiction to Morphine. Now while it was pretty successful at it's job it was not without side effects.
  12. AZL


    I am an Arizona native...a right to work state. Though I was not a member of the union...police officers have a weak union here..most of us don't pay it any attention as it is useless an hencrap on a pump handle.

    My mother's family is from Michigan, and I lived there while I was going to high with my maternal granparents. MOST of that side of the family was UNION PROUD and thought THE UNION CAN DO NO WRONG!

    Well...BS BS BS BS

    The UAW and The Auto Industry worked HAND IN HAND to destroy manufacturing in Michigan. Union bigwigs made HUGE salaries (while supposedly representing the worker...though the vast majority of them never worked IN the auto plants).

    My grandfather owned several pharmacies and had his fingers in a few other businesses. He paid his employees fairly, and a livable wage...and his Rx employees never tried to unionize as they could have under the grocers union.

    But...the beloved union...after it's day of real value had passed...was like any other "government" agency. It existed to accumulate power and the wealth that came along with it (in government think higher annual budget).

    I have seen it from noth sides. My uncle once bragged that he only "worked" five or six hours a WEEK. He was a machine mechanic...IF something went wrong, he'd go fiddle with it, and be back in the tool room napping and playing cribbage with his buddies for the rest of the day. Next time something of the other guys would take THEIR turn to go fiddle with something, or make an adjustment...and BOOM...back to the card game.

    He bragged about making $120K his last year as a "skilled tradesman"...and worked 5 or 6 HOURS a week.

  13. My union refused to hand out pencils for those who were voting against the new contract last round. That about did it for me.
  14. At the Core of all Unions is Greed, Corruption and Communism! I worked in a Union Shop for 11 years and there were about 6 to eight people in my department. I was the best and most productive person in my department but I was not able to get a raise or make more money than the rest because we all did the same job in our union classification according to the contract. The Company would have gladly paid me more money because I was more productive but the Union would not allow this to happen unless all the workers were given the same wage, so I had to wait until the contract was renewed before I was able to make more money. My personal merit and superior skills could never be rewarded and IMO this is COMMUNISM at it's best! The Company could not pay me for being better and the Union was able to protect the poor workers which we called, "Dead Wood"! To me this was extremely UN-American!
  15. So... crimnals will take something and misuse it? Not surprised. The same principle of working together as a group rather than as individuals in the market place is practiced not only by unions but by business through their various trade groups, etc. If in the opinion of some unions have to much power, it is no different than these various business groups having to much power. In the end, the unions are to be much preferred. They represent actual people. The business groups only represent what are merely for convenience styled by the sc as persons under the law.
  16. Un-American? No. What you resented was that your fellow employees valued their own interest more than they valued your interest. They refused to be simply tools for your advancement.

    As to your understanding of communism, etc., you need to hit the books. At least in the U.S. experience, employees choosing to form a union is and expression of the democratic process. It is no different than a board of directors voting on a issue... such as a contract with employees.
  17. Screw the unions. Screw the government. I'm building a factory in China.

    Our country is going broke, what are we going to do.

    Let's borrow lots of money from China, and give it to all the "poor" people who don't work.

    How are we going to repay China? Let's tax the working people. Hey there are still a few companies that didn't move to China....let's tax them more to help us out of this mess.

    Screw work, sign me up for that free money. Where do I sign up for an Obama phone.

    If I sell drugs on the side, do I have to pay taxes on my profits?If I get caught selling drugs and go to prison, how much do I have to pay for room and board? It's free! What's the down side?

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
    Things aren't really this bad, are they.
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