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More problematic GOP voter forms are found in Florida

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Flintlocker, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Flintlocker


    Jul 1, 2011,0,5690240.story

    Election officials in at least 11 Florida counties have uncovered potentially fraudulent voter registration forms submitted on behalf of the state GOP, a debacle that has punctured a hole in the Republican National Committee's get-out-the-vote operation less than six weeks before election day.

    By Friday, elections supervisors had found dozens of forms turned in by the party that had wrong birthdays or spellings of names that didn't match signatures. In other cases, multiple forms were filled out in the same handwriting. One voter in Palm Beach County was registered to an address that is a Land Rover dealership.

    "It was that flagrant," said Ann W. Bodenstein, the elections supervisor in Santa Rosa County, where officials found 100 problematic applications — including one for a dead voter. "In no way did they look genuine."

    The controversy comes at an odd time for the GOP. Republican lawmakers across the country have proposed or enacted tough voter ID laws, arguing the legislation is needed to combat voter fraud. Democrats are battling the laws in the courts and say they are designed to discourage Democratic constituencies, such as African Americans, from voting.
  2. aircarver

    aircarver Ride Continues Silver Member

  3. Walt_NC


    Aug 25, 2010
    This RNC-backed, rampant voter fraud would never have happened if....something something...ID cards! Because socialism and the liberal media!