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MOPAR fans?

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by larkinmusic, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. larkinmusic


    Nov 10, 2005
    I'm looking at buying a 64 belvedere 426 wedge 4-speed car. I pretty sure the car is a clone. The car looks to be very nice from photos. The seller is asking $18,500. Does sound like a good deal? I'm having a hard time getting an accurate value on this car.[​IMG]
  2. Depends on how "done" it is. If its as nice as it looks inside and out meaning.

    1. No Rust
    2. Interior and exrerior need no work
    3. Engine runs strong and is a 426 wedge 4 speed car.

    I guess without going through a TOn more stuff and KNOWING its a clone(if its not and is original grab it now lol) if its nice yeah Id go $18K for it..for a nice restored clone that YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO BUT DRIVE! and normal upkeep....Looks beautiful form the picture and these days even clones are raking in the $$$$ so that seems decent if its solid and done.

    reason you want it rust free and done is on those older cars like that 61-65 or so the aftermarket still does not fully support them and body pannels can be hard to find....I can order a set of full quarters for a 69 RoadRunner...BUT unless somehting has happened in the last year or so you CAN'T get a set of quarters for a 64 Belvedere its patch pannels YOU make OR go real EXPENSIVE with a rust free doner car part.

  3. larkinmusic


    Nov 10, 2005
    Thanks for the reply. I'm sure he's got close to 10k just in parts in that car. I think I'll give the guy a call.
  4. epsylum

    epsylum Boolit Hoze

    Sep 4, 2004
    Racing Capital, USA
    I know jack about MOPARs, but that is pretty sweet looking ride.
  5. 44Henry


    Jan 16, 2007
    For that money it has to be clone unless the guy knows nothing about the 62/65 cars.A real one in a Belvedere is worth 2 1/2 times that if it is as nice as it looks.Still for the price that one is a bargain.I've seen rust free rollers go for 8 to 9K.If that is what you want I would jump on it in a hurry.