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Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by BikerRN, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. I just Emailed a couple of Ducati dealers to see what they would charge me for some engine modifications.

    I was thinking of turning my 620cc Multistrada into a 750 and lo' and behold Ducati makes a "kit" to do just that! It would be legal to race in the 600cc class as a 750 because it's an aircooled V-Twin.

    I'm really excited thinking about doing this modification. Has anyone else ever done a project like this? Take care and ride safe.

  2. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    Oct 23, 2000
    California & New Mexico, US
    I did some checking around and a guy that I know who owns his own little shop and is a Duck certified mechanic is thinking about getting a big bore kit from Options Italia to do some big bore conversion for the 9xx-series. I didn't even know Ducati make them for the small bore engines.

    That should be pretty nifty though.
  3. JAREDG21


    Jul 11, 2004
    Coastal NC
    I put the 944 kit on my old monster what info would you like to know?
  4. c5367

    c5367 Esq.

    Aug 1, 2003
    How much is your dealer asking for the kit? DP accessories are usually on the spendy side.

    FWIW, I had a Monster 620 but I never went beyond a 14t countershaft sprocket. Tailoring the gearing is usually the best bang for the buck you can get on most Ducs. I have a excel sheet that will calculate your speed at a given rpm with whatever gearing you want.

    Also, when you're on the track, power isn't the end all be all. Rider skill is. When I had my 620 on the track, I was able to take R6's.(its much easier on my 749R, though :) ) They'd obviously gain ground in the straights, but I could get it all back and then some in the turns. A better investment, particularly if you intent to race, would be plenty of track days and even a trip to Keith Code or Freddie Spencer's school. I can almost guarantee that will help you lap times WAY more than the 750 kit. Not to mention it tends to hurt resale value some. YMMV, of course.
  5. Kit is $2,030

    That comes with new heads, pistons, and Termingoni pipes and ECU.

    The local Duc dealer wants 10 hours for labor. He is guessing the labor time. I'm not planning on racing the Multistrada, just want more GO!

    When I start doing Home Health, leaving the ER, it will be with my Multi with bags to carry my supplies. I just want the bike to use for track dayswhen I'm not working. I can't get the time to go to Spencer or Code's this year, but the tracks I will be attending do some teaching.

    Thanks for the info and ride safe.
  6. Maybe I will look into changing the sprocket size first. I just don't want to lose top-end speed, and the dealer thought i would if I changed the sprocket size. He told me, you can be quicker or faster, but you can't have both.

    What he was referring to, I think, was that I could be quicker through the turns or faster on the straights.

    Thanks again and take care.
  7. c5367

    c5367 Esq.

    Aug 1, 2003
    With the 620 you will not lose any top end with a 14t countershaft sprocket. In theory, yes its true you can't have both, but inn the real world its not so clean cut. You have to factor in aerodynamic loads and so on. My Monster hit an aerodynamic brick wall at 120 with and without. Ducati's are notorious for being overgeared.Just because a bike is geared to go 300 doesn't mean it will.
    Think of it this way, the 14t sprocket goes for about $18-20 and only takes 20-30 min to install. The 620 is the easiest because it uses two smaller bolts to secure the sprocket, whereas the SBKs and the 1000's use one large nut that needs to be torqued to 116 ft/lbs. Its easier and cheaper and I'm sure it woulf give the bike more oomph, so it really couldn't hurt to give it a try.

    If you'd like, I can send you the gearing excel sheet. It doesn't take into account wind resistance, so if you put in the stock numbers and it tells you a speed that is higher than what you know to be the bike''s top end, then you know you it aero thats the limiting factor, not gearing. just PM me

    All you need to do is loosen the rear wheel and slide it forward slightly. Remove the sprocket guard, loosen (but don't remove) the slave cylinder. Then remove the small screws and work the sprocket off. Put the new one on, locktite the small screws, and retighten the slave cylinder. The you adjust your chain to the specs in the manual (not sure if the multi is different than a monster)

    Thats the short version, you can find a better how-to over at the Ducati Monster List
  8. c5367

    Thank you for the information. I'm not too good at looking at spreadsheets and graphs, it's all Greek to me. ;)

    I will try the 14 tooth sprocket when I take Evangelina The Red Temptress in for the 6000 mile service. Thanks again and ride safe.