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Modifications to a G21sf ambi

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by misunderestimated, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. So I recently purchased a gun only for the range, the reason I state that is I would never modify a firearm I planned on using for protection as I am always afraid if I did get involved in a shoot I would have to defend my improvements to a jury.

    With that being said any suggestions on what to do to make it shoot smoother , I am going to try and pollish the trigger action , what is everybody doing to improve the gun and whose replacement trigger or parts or a kit do you guys recomend.

    I have no intrest in improving the looks only trying to get a smooth as silk trigger like on a 1911 style guy if possible
  2. First of all you will not get a 1911 trigger feel on a Glock.
    You can get a very good feeling trigger but it rquires a bit of work and it will be the first thing that a prosecuting lawyer would look at if he were going in that direction.
    A .25 cent trigger job is a help but personally I think the Glock trigger just requires a lot of shooting practice to first get used to it and second to master the long and not so light pull.
    It is a combat handgun and in an actual gunfight you won't even notice the trigger pull.
    I didn't like the Glock triggers because of my 1911 past.
    I think they are fine for what the gun is designed for.
    I just had to shoot the hell out of em before I started to like them.

  3. Perhaps I should have paid attention to the range only part of your post.
    If you wanted a smooth 1911 trigger why did you buy a Glock?
    It is not what I consider a target gun.
  4. Thanks for the reply

    Yes my G21 is a range target gun for me, And I chose Glock as my edc gun because I feel can carry one in the pipe safer the a 1911 style gun,all of my edc guns are untouched virgins Just the way they come out of the glock box thats how they go into the holster with the exception of finger exstention on my sub compacts and a lazer sight for saftey on my pocket pistols

    That being said I just wanted to see besides a quick polish job was there a differant connector that folks are installing to make the trigger pull smoother,NOT lighter Just smoother.

    Thank you again
  5. Bluecard

    Bluecard GUNDWG

    Nov 23, 2005
    Not going to touch the safer carry debate,:whistling: but to make the trigger smoother, you really need to take it to someone who know what they are doing. I've been working on Glocks for years and it took a couple of tries to master the trigger job just right. It really comes down to polishing parts and changing the striker spring in my opinion. Lots of people will buy all the titanium parts like the safety plunger and striker but I feel it's unnecessary. You can also buy a drop in kit if you don't want to do the work yourself. The Vanek Classic Master kit seems similar to what you may be wanting. Just Google "Vanek".

  6. Thanks for not debating

    But most of all thanks for the name

    That is excactly what I was looking for

    I will order today to give it a try