Modern-day "Hush Puppy"........

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  1. Recently started this project, beings I was in the market for a decent .22LR pistol.

    Bought this Ruger 22/45 w/ threaded barrel, and decided I wanted to make it a modern-day "Hush Puppy".

    I couldn't bring myself to spend $450 on a Trijicon RMR, so I got the most rugged thing I could find at a lower price-range. Ended up with a Burris FastFire 3 w/ 8 MOA dot.

    "Why an 8 MOA dot?" you ask? Well, I ordered the 3 MOA, but ended up with the 8 MOA, and I have to say, I like it for two reasons-

    1. My RMR'ed Glocks have a 9 MOA dot. This allows me to practice with a dot that's very close to the same size as my 9 MOA RMRs......truth be told, I cannot tell the difference between the 8 MOA of the FastFire 3, and the 9 MOA of the Dual-Illuminated RMR's on my Glock 19 and Glock 21 Gen 4.

    2. I'm not trying to be a pistol sniper with this thing. I'd rather have faster acquisition of the dot. The 8 MOA dot only covers 2" at 25 yards (75 feet).

    With that said, I purchased a Huntertown Arms Guardian .22LR suppressor to go on it. My dealer lets me shoot with it every time I go, and I must say, I love how quiet it is!

    Once I get my suppressor approved, the project will be complete........I can't wait! :supergrin:




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    Very nice!


  3. Great set up!
  4. Nice!

    I did a similar setup for my Ruger.
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  5. Looks like fun :)
  6. I'm unhappy to report that the "auto-adjust" feature on the FastFire 3 stopped "auto-adjusting". Ordered another from Marshall at Primary Arms, and he gave me an RMA to return the defective one for a refund.

    We shall see. The little FastFire 3 is very solidly built and extremely nice for the price. I guess I just got a bad one. No worries. Everyone, including Trijicon, Aimpoint, and everyone else has bad ones get out ever so often. No biggie. I really like the value of the FastFire 3. :supergrin:

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