Model 65 Lady Smith

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by District18, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. I'm not certain if it's considered a snubbie but I'm looking for input on the S&W model 65 Lady Smith 3" performance center. Saw one today NIB for $600 otd. Good price? Owners how do you like yours?

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  3. Chup

    sounds real good to me

  4. I took the plunge and just bought it. I've never posted pics before, I'll try to tonight.
  5. WT

    Millennium Member

    Well, we're still waiting for the pictures.:whistling:

    The Model 65 is the finest concealed carry revolver in existance.
  6. I second the opinion, If I find an LS my wife has given a "buy order" to complete her LS collection, and so she will quit trying to take my "plain Jane" 65
  7. WT

    Millennium Member

    Short Lady Smith story ....

    When the Model 65 LS first came out one of the selling points was the 'lightened trigger job' for the ladies. The factory original rebound springs for the K-frame had 17 coils. For the LS they cut 2 coils off to make it a 15 coil rebound spring.

    So .......... the assemblers had 2 piles of rebound springs - one pile of 17 and one pile of 15. Employees got confused. Finally some efficiency expert said 'Let's install 15 coil springs in ALL of our K-frames."

    And everybody lived happily thereafter.:dancingbanana:
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  8. barth

    barth six barrels

    I've got four pre lock S&W revolvers.
    (629-2 Mountain Gun, 65-3 M&P 3" Heavy Barrel,
    640-1 357 Centennial, 342 ti 38 Centennial)

    And my 65-3 3" Heavy Barrel is the far and away my favorite.
    Balance, accuracy, weight, buttery trigger - it's simply the best.
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  9. WT

    Millennium Member

    Beautiful photo. Could almost qualify as a Texas barbecue gun.

    Last year I took my 3" Model 65 and tried out a bowling pin match. Used 158 gr. SWC +P (non-hollowpoints). Just about everybody else had a 1911. One other geezer had the .45 ACP Jerry Miculik revolver.

    I did okay first time out. They were surprised that I shot double action. They were really impressed with my reloading times with a speed loader.

    Finally, one guy asked if he could shoot it. I had a trigger job done to it by a local smith and the trigger face was rounded and polished mirror finish. After shooting it he said,

    "I HAVE to have one. Do they still make it?"

    Alas, no.

    We owners of a 3" Model 65 are truly blessed.
  10. janice6

    Platinum Member


    I agree. that is a beautiful piece of machinery. Someone designed a piece of art.

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