Mob 'attacks’ police during Islamic veil ID check-Prosecutor cowers

Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by DonGlock26, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Mob 'attacks’ police during Islamic veil ID check

    The police are attacked while checking identity of burka wearers in Marseille. Eventually, after four officers are injured and reinforcements arrive, four people are arrested only to be released by a cowardly prosecutor. No doubt he was in fear of the Muslims burning Marseille down.


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  2. We're going to have to do an awful lot better than this, muy pronto, if we're going to survive.

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    France is gone,just wall it and be done with it.'08.
  4. France slit its own throat by electing socialists again. Even Greece had the common sense to keep the socialists out of power.

  5. kirgi08

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    Don,it's pandemic.Detroit/Buffalo,"enter" your city here.'08.
  6. Cavalry Doc

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    Flip a coin Doc.I was born in buffalo.I'll take tails.Point being,most "northern" locales are screwed by,greed.'08.
  8. Good point, socialism fails where ever it is tried.

  9. What is this socialism of which you speak? All we've had is the redistribution of funds up to the top.
  10. Brasso

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    Great. Another atheist who is also a socialist.

    I suppose the two do go hand in hand. How do you feel about being used as a human shield when the muslims attack?
  11. You are funny. Human sheild eh? Do you think you are the one to use me for anything?

    I'll tell ya what, if that occurs you probably won't be able to see me from the sidelines, I'll be one of the guys on the tip of the spear.
  12. ...charging the American lines, and shouting, "Allahu akbar!"?
  13. You do know I don't believe in Allah either right? Snow you crack me up. I would call you names, but I was raised not to make fun of the mentally challenged.:tongueout:
  14. So if you were the French prosecutor in this case, what would you do differently?
  15. Being one who can actually speak to what it is like to enforce the law, and be assaulted, I can say that is a line which can not be crossed. Prosecution to the fullest, unless it is dismissed as part of a larger plea bargin. (I'll let a bloody nose slide if it keeps a 7 year old rape victim out of court!)

    The point is once you start showing leinancy, you open the door to further assaults on officers. He definately sent the wrong message to the muslim community there.
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  16. rgregoryb

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    you mean as in the folks that actually worked for it, comrade?
  17. They worked for a lower tax rate on general income, a lower tax rate on dividend income, tax abatement in some circumstances, and no taxes period on off shore accounts?

    Huh? I wouldn't call that working for anything.

    Now please answer my question, where is the Socialism? Unless you mean the bailing out of banks, the auto industry, and other multi million dollar corporations. Oh wait, it seems we privatize profits, but socialize losses in this nation.
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  18. Heartily agreed!

    Now let's take it to the next step. When some group, for exp., communists or Muslims, inspire or command its adherents to reject the laws of the Western land in which they are dwelling, then that is subversive and dangerous, no?

    And if the Left supports these subversives, then that is treasonous. Enough is enough, wouldn't you say so?
  19. Where is your evidence of a communist problem in america in the last 30 years? Where is your evidence that the left in general, and any liberal person specifically supports a communist, or muslim rejection of western laws?
  20. Well, reread the title and first post of this thread. Muslims attacked the police (rejection of western laws), and the prosecutor (likely a lefty) cowered.

    Hillaire Belloc, way back in 1936, prophetically wrote, "Millions of modern people...have forgotten about is, as a fact, the most formidable and persistent enemy which our civilization has had..."

    The morning of Sept 11, 2001, should have been a hammering-the-steel-garbage-can-lid wake-up call about the meaning of Islam, the world's oldest form of spiritual totalitarianism. But instead, useful idiot/treasonous lefties gave us years of hate-Bush, hate-America lies and non-stop excuses for Islam (just as they did for totalitarian communism all through the Cold War). 'Progressives' are still at it, insisting that Muslim jihad is a figment of our imagination (meanwhile, today's total of deadly Muslim attacks has gone up to 19,322).

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